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2017 Resolution or Intention?

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I took an afternoon off a couple of weeks ago and went into the city to have lunch with my sister Janet. At lunch she asked me, “So what is the biggest thing you’ve learned from starting your own business?”

In a nano second things flashed through my mind; how to get a product made, how to deal with factories, how to relay my ideas to designers, how to do shipping, how to understand social media but I took a deep breath and realized that the biggest thing I learned was patience.

Then a week later in yoga, the teacher said, “Instead of a resolution, set an intention for the New Year.” This resonated with me. Instead of making an empty promise to myself, like I'm going to lose 5 pounds she asked us to look within ourselves and set an intention.  In other words, what will help you live your happiest life?

This is the second time in as many weeks that someone asked me something that I really had to look inside myself to answer. I felt these two things were inexplicably tied.

When I think about 2016, a lot has transpired in both my professional life and  my personal life. Throughout it all, patience has been a running theme. As someone who has been described as going 90 mph with her hair on fire, well, that’s taken a lot of work.

So for 2017, my intention is to continue to work on being patient. I will patiently wait to see where legalization might take us, and be patient to see where Donald Trump might take us! I will try to have patience with myself and others. I will also ask people to be patient with me, (as I’m moving as fast as I can!) I will patiently wait for loved ones to understand my choices, and have patience when trying to understand theirs.

As we approach New Year’s Eve let’s be reflective of not only who we are and where we came from but what we have learned so that we can move forward and be our best selves. Let’s set an intention that helps us to be mindful of ourselves, and others, and have the patience to let things unfold.

I wish everyone peace, love and patience in the New Year – 2017 Bring it on!


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