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5 Reasons You Shouldn't Watch Scary Movies Alone And Stoned

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Whether you’re an old time Night of the Living Dead watcher or a more current Conjuring fan it’s Halloween and every other station is playing a scary movie.  Something you might have avoided during the rest of the year but now, alone and stoned, it’s tempting as hell.  So you sit back and light up favorite new strain, and start your movie.

1. Suddenly you start to get itchy.  At first, it’s your neck, you scratch it.  Something is on me, SOMETHING IS ON ME.  Suddenly you feel it, was that there before – no, because it’s just a chip crumb! 

2. Then you start to feel like maybe your feet shouldn’t be on the floor.  You’ve never had mice, or roaches, black widow spiders or tarantulas in your home before, but somehow it’s just might be better to keep your feet tucked under you but not too tight, because you might have to jump up and run really fast. Then, your legs get itchy.

3. You keep hearing something in the other room.  Is that the ice maker?  What’s running?  What do I hear?   Has it always made that sound?  Even the most seasoned smoker will tap into their paranoia.

4. You head up to bed and can’t turn off the light.  Your tired but you still need to strain your ear for noises, and maybe get up a couple of times to make sure you locked the door, and make sure you can reach your phone quickly.  Yes now you can relax while you're    still    listening… 

5. Maybe you should take another hit to relax, crap, your weed is downstairs!

High Times horror movie recommendations;

Some other things you might not want do:

Happy Halloween everyone!  Happy Consuming and keep listening…


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