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5 Tips For Helping Newbie Cannabis Consumers

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So a relative comes to you and says, I’d like to try marijuana but I’m not sure about all of these new strains, can you help me?  What do you say?

This is a responsibility.  Just like anything we put in our bodies everyone’s experience will be different.  Different strains of marijuana have different tastes and different effects.  Consuming Girl Scout Cookies in flower form can react differently in your body than in oil form.  You want to help, so what should you say?

I suggest the following:

 1.  Listen carefully as to what effect they are seeking. Make suggestions based on what you’ve read and experienced. For example, I tried Agent Orange because last year I read it was the number one choice for women with anxiety.  Guess what, it really worked for me.  I would suggest that to any women who is experiencing anxiety.

2.  When it comes to vaping/smoking/and edibles the choice is extremely personal. I have better results with flower than oils (vape pens).  I’m also not a fan of edibles.  This is a personal thing.  Suggest they try different forms to find what’s right for them. 

3.  Turn them on to Leafly.  Everyone who consumes should have the Leafly app on their phone.  You can look up the strains and see effects and reviews.  This is most helpful to even the most seasoned consumer, but especially reassuring to newbies.

4.  Everything in small doses. If you are trying to help someone new to marijuana, small doses are key.  They need to see how they react, slowly.  They might have to try it more than once to get the correct dosage.  I had a neighbor who didn’t think the edible was working and ate too much.  He didn’t realize how long it would take to hit his system and became impatient.  After about 3 nights of adjusting his dose, he now sleeps soundly and life during the daytime has gotten easier. Small bites, or “sips” of a pen to start are great as is a good bat that gives you the proper dose.

5.  Stay in touch – let whoever you are guiding know that they can call and ask questions. There is a lot of info out there but it can be a bit scary.  It’s medicine so handholding is important in the beginning.  You want them to have a good experience.

So that’s my advice, listen, experiment with different forms, educate on Leafly, start with small doses in whatever form you choose and have a buddy for questions and reassurance. Follow these guide lines and help with happy consuming!


Thank you to Paolo Nicolello and unsplash for our blog cove pict



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