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6 Ways To Use Vaping To Reduce Stress

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Stress and anxiety are part of everyone's life. When we have too much work or emotional responsibilities to full fill in a given period, we feel stressed. Similarly, when we have fear or nervousness about an essential event in our life, we become anxious. It is normal to have stress and anxiety a few times in our life, but if these things become a regular event, they can be very dangerous for our mental health and, in some cases, can lead to depression. According to Healthline data, more than 15 million people in the United States suffer from depression annually.

There are numerous ways to manage stress right from managing diet, reading PMA books, attending therapy, exercising, etc. But, recently, a new approach to stress management, vaping, is creating a wave all over the world. So, let us explore the six ways you can use vaping to reduce and manage stress.

1. Vaping for a sound mental health


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According to a Guardian article, a majority of mental health patients (more than 90%), including those who have schizophrenia, depression, and bipolar disorders, resort to smoking tobacco as a way out to reduce stress. As a result, they also pose a risk for high mortality due to the ill-effects of smoking. Since it is difficult to quit the addiction to tobacco, mental health patients can find a safer alternative to reduce their stress through vaping.

Studies show that vaping nicotine can lead to positive effects on mental health. Nicotine activates various neurotransmitters in the body, releasing good mood chemicals such as dopamine. Some medical institutions, like the London School of Medicine, have implemented Nicotine vapes as a therapy for schizophrenia patients to assist them in managing stress safely and in helping them quit smoking. You can also vape cannabis to chill better. You can find your best-suited vaporizers from a range of available marijuana herb vape for sale,

2.     VAPING     CBD     FOR     MANAGING     ANXIETY

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CBD or Cannabinol, a compound extracted from a cannabis plant, has renowned pain-management and anti-anxiety benefits. CBD oil has many medicinal uses, and one of the best ways to administer CBD oil is in the form of vaping CBD e-liquid. CBD, touted as safer than nicotine or tobacco, activates the endocannabinoid receptors in the body that are responsible for uplifting mood and relaxing the body.

Vaping high-quality CBD vape juice, like the ones from CBDfx, can instantly act on your body and help in calming your nerves, reducing your high blood pressure and heart rate without inhaling any harmful combustible gases. When you are trying CBD vapes, go for the ones with higher CBD content, and less THC. THC is a compound in marijuana that can give you a high and might cause delusions.


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You may have experienced a craving to consume delicious foods or a yearning for sweets when you are under stress. Study shows that it happens because, under pressure, our body releases a stress hormone called cortisol. To manage stress, our body needs to release serotonin, the relaxing hormone. The easiest way to release serotonin is to eat sweets or sugary foods. That leads to other health challenges like cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

Vaping e-liquids with nicotine or CBD can help one avoid eating sugar. Many vape juices come in delicious sweet flavors like vanilla, strawberry, banana, apple, etc. When you inhale from the vaporizers, these sweet flavors can instantly enter your bloodstream through your lungs and can calm your nerves by aiding the release of serotonin.


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According to the National Sleep Foundation, stress can negatively impact your sleep quality, which hampers your work efficiency and functionality in the daytime. Due to lack of sleep, you are not able to relax your mind and add to the inefficiencies in your work; your stress further builds up. This vicious cycle of stress, lack of sleep, and increased stress can only break if you can get a good night's sleep.

Fortunately, vaping of e-liquids with low nicotine content like CBD vape juice shows good promise in relaxing your mind and body before hitting your bed. According to this article, vaping CBD half an hour before sleep helps to reduce pain, calms the mind, and reduces REM (Rapid Eye Movement) to assist you with good sleep without nightmares.


Smoking has long been the go-to stress-buster for most people, and to share some stats, CDC states that more than 35 million people in the United States smoke out of which around 4 million are high school students. Smoking causes over 500, 000 deaths annually, either directly or through passive smoking. Though nicotine in cigarettes with tobacco suppresses the stress hormones, smoking tobacco has ill-effects from causing respiratory problems, releasing carcinogens, coughing, to having bad breath.

Vaping Nicotine is a safer and cheaper alternative to smoking as a stress-buster. Unlike smoking, vaping does not release any tar or harmful toxins like carbon monoxide. It is safe for other people who passively inhale the vapor. Vaping devices are reusable with only having to purchase vape juices, which are anyways concentrated, requiring only small quantities per vape, making vaping cheaper than smoking.


Working in the office can be stressful with the never-ending work, tight deadlines, and an erratic boss. Vaping e-cigarettes can help these days. E-cigarettes are easy to carry and refill, and a quick vape on a small stroll around the office will energize you and bring down your stress levels. Although most offices do not allow smoking, there are only a few that restrict vaping. Check with your office policy whether you can vape in the office premises.

Similarly, if you are a student and have too much academic work in your college, you could be going through high stress. Plus, when you top it with the added emotional pressure from peers and your social network, getting that stress out of your system becomes very important. Take breaks in between your classes or presentations and go out for a quick vape to release that stress.


Final Thoughts:

Although nicotine and CBD consumption should be done as little as possible, you may still need them in your daily life to calm yourself. Go for vaping when it comes to nicotine or cannabis, as it gives you the most efficient and quick way to relieve stress. Therefore, enjoy your next vaping session keeping the above six points in mind.


Once again thank you to Jessica Smith for an insightful blog.


*We at Erbanna understand the pros and cons of vaping and neither endorse nor condemn those of you who use this method of smoking. Please make sure you never buy bootleg cartridges as they have been known to have fillers that are dangerous when heated.  We hope that you found this blog helpful and as always, happy, healthy and safe consuming.


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