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A Rose By Any Other Name

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This Election Season there are two issues that are on everyone’s mind; which joker will become president and what states will legalize marijuana. As I read about both issues daily, I’m feeling a bit bogged down by all this political talk and honestly, it’s making me tired. So in the words of Monty Python, “Now for something completely different.”

As I was going through all of the business cards I’ve collected, I started laughing at how clever a lot of the names in the Marijuana business have become. It’s not easy coming up with a name in this industry, because we need to convey what business we are in. At first, everything was Canna this or Mary Jane that, then we progressed to 420 somewhere in the name. Smokin’, and Tokin’ also put plenty of stakes in the ground. But God Bless America, we are a creative group and we certainly have a sense of humor. So here are of some of the names that I’ve come across. Note: I am not commenting on these businesses themselves. I’m just entertained by the cleverness of the names!

The Stoner Group:

Rasta Smoke Shop, Purple Haze, Uncle Stoner, Uptake, Chillin Out Smoke Shop, and Tasty Joint. All good names, not a Mary Jane, Canna, 420, Tokin’ or Smokin’ word in the bunch.

The Light Hearted Group:

Happy Daze, Botany Bay, Holy Smokes, and The Cloud Factory. These guys ditched the usual Green and really started to think outside the box. We have a play on an old TV show favorite; use of the word, Botany, was just going way deeper than the average green weed guy; Holy Smokes, taking an everyday phrase that everyone will remember is classic and the Cloud Factory with dual meaning – all really good names.

The Creative Stealers (say what you will but people remember these names):

iPuff and Starbuds

The Gifted Class (Only these guys could come up with these names!):

The Giving Tree; (great play on words, Shel would be proud); The Dandelion;(totally gets an A+, it’s a weed, get it!); and Life Made a Little Easier, (Spiritual, although not sure I would immediately recognize it as a smoke shop!)  

The “I Just Smoked a Fatty and Am On a Roll” Group:

Up In Smoke;  High 5;  Hempire State; and wait for it --- Planet of the Vapes, (which makes me laugh every time). I love these they are clever, kitchy and memorable. I can just see this group sitting around smoking and laughing their butts off, thinking, “No really, let’s call it that!”

Well there you have it – I know there are thousands of names out there and would love to hear from you as to what are your favorites! Email them to me at subject: names and I’ll post the best ones, if your’s gets picked there could be a discount in it for you!


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