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Adult Rec Or Medicinal User - Which One Are You?

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When is it that we are an “adult rec” user and when are we using marijuana medicinally?

On the show Disjointed, the owner Ruth considers most of the people who enter her wellness center patients, but there is always the exception (namely, Dank and Dabby) who are clearly just “potheads.”  When they refer to themselves as patients, Ruth says, no you are customers.   

If you’re as old as me, we all started out as “customers,” and all had our initial reasons as to why we tried and continued to smoke pot.   Now we have more knowledge, access to multiple strains and have become more mindful of our use patterns.  It has become clear to me that there are times that I am most definitely a customer, but more often then not, I’m a patient.

On a recent trip to Portland I tried a strain called “Agent Orange.”  I know, the name made me hesitate too - but the budtender reassured me that it was great for anxiety so I tried it.  It was perfect.  Agent Orange was “just what the doctor ordered,” for my chemistry.   It tempered my anxiety, and put a smile on my face – I felt calm and ready to be in just about any situation.

This is when I know Marijuana is medicine.  I hate to use the word stress because it’s overused but damn it – I was stressed, overwhelmed and under an incredible amount of pressure and Agent Orange helped me handle my day.  I only wish I had purchased more!  It turns out that there are a lot of women like me not only under pressure, who choose Agent Orange for just such a reason.

Understanding this, as well as how each strain has an effect is key to responsible consumption and helping advocate for legalization.  We all need to understand the medical side for ourselves so we can understand it for others and explain it to those who still don’t get it.  Legalization doesn’t mean let’s get greedy and smoke everything we can get our hands on with the highest THC – it means wow, if I’m self-medicating I canNOT be at the mercy of what’s available in the black market but make choices that will actually enhance my life.  In a recent article in Leafly titled, What Strains Do Women Want, Rebecca Kelley talks about and charts popular strains among women and Agent Orange was among them for the reasons that I just shared. Considering women are twice as likely to have an anxiety disorder as men,  it’s no wonder that women, are looking for these types of strains.  This article was both informative and an affirmation about something I have believed for quite some time.  The medicinal benefits of this plant are there for all sorts of maladies, and it’s our responsibility to understand it, educate ourselves and others, experiment (as it’s safe to do so) with strains to find what gives us our balance so we can benefit from it.  My advice is to keep a notebook or download an app to help you chart your “wellness” effects.  Be first a patient and then a customer!  Stay mindful, be safe and happy consuming will follow!


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