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Are Women Marijuana's Future?

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On Saturday night with my best guy is out of town, I got a little buzz on, went out, had a some dinner and a cocktail and reflected on the week.  Thank G~d, it was a short week because there was much packed into this one!

I’ll spare you the mundane details of the GE repair guys or the time sucking of figuring out the new things I need to learn on Quickbooks, and the oh shit, why is my printer suddenly not printing, you know - all that stuff.  But then there were the highlights too, like The Women Grow meeting.  For anyone who isn’t aware, Women Grow holds a networking event on the first Thursday of the month in cities across the country.  At this particular meeting I was on a three women panel of female entrepreneurs in the Cannabis space.  We were there to answer questions about our experiences starting a business in the Cannabis Industry.  I was super excited to do this, first because I like Women Grow and the all the women running the NY Chapter and second, after dedicating the last few years of my life to getting Erbanna started, I was hoping that my experiences might help someone else starting out.

The meeting was great and I met some pretty terrific people – yes men do attend meetings!  I was on such a high, for the rest of the night, smiling from ear to ear.  If you’re an entrepreneur, I don’t have to tell you how short lived that was, because by the crack of dawn I received a phone call and it was right back to reality and damage control for the rest of the day!  But we need those moments, those glimpses of reassurance and acceptance.  A feeling that we ARE on the right track and just one word (never mind a whole night!) of praise can sustain you and keep you going on this marathon, especially, when you have no clue where the finish line is.

This feeling of falling and soaring is exhilarating because it’s scary as hell.  You take this huge risk while saying to the world that you believe in yourself, have conviction, tenacity, moxie – let’s face it, it’s nuts!  The Cannabis Industry has provided a forum for creativity and because of this, there so many bright, interesting, aspiring people with fantastic ideas, who have decided to start businesses! We are all shaping the course of the Cannabis Industry, it’s a new week so let’s go make history together!


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