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Cannabis & Fitness: Which Routines Pair The Best With A High

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Exercising and staying fit is the best gift you can give to yourself. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts gulp on protein shakes for their pre-workout routines. For many, consuming Cannabis is an essential part of their workout routine. It acts as a performance-enhancing drug that benefits athletes’ performance before, during and after activity. Even if you’re not an athlete, there are plenty of ways to stay fit.  Before we get into which exercises work best when you are high, let’s first understand how cannabis improves athletic performance and how to channel these benefits in your own fitness regime.

How does Cannabis work?

Endocannabinoids produced in our body control the release mechanism of chemical messengers that regulate our moods and pain in our body. These chemical compounds bond with the receptors on cell membranes and maintain homeostasis or stability of cell growth. Serious conditions like Multiple Sclerosis and cancer treatments can create an imbalance in cell growth in our body. Cannabis can aid in providing this stability. Endocannabinoid is the natural mechanism of the body whereas Cannabinoids are the external help given by cannabis when your body needs help to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and improve mood swings. A lot of different kinds of cannabis strains like master kush, black diamond strain, blueberry strain, etc. provides many benefits for gaining physical strength.

According to this study, the presence of cannabinoids in our bodies boosts the performance of runners and endurance athletes. Adding plant-based cannabinoids along with your daily anabolic steroid dose can encourage better health and make workouts and competitions more enjoyable.

Now let’s have a look at the workouts to pair with when high:


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Although hula-hooping is a new technique of burning fat, it originated from the ancient Greeks and Egyptians to have fun. Twirl this hoop around your waist or arms and your coordinated movement improves cardiovascular health, increases blood flow and flexibility. Hula hoop exercises are the best calorie burning exercises next only to kickboxing and boot camp. They tone your entire body and bring positivity in your mind. Cannabis pairs well with Hooping because it is a fun and creative workout which can be intense calorie-burning and gentle as desired. Anyone can become a skilled hooper with some practice.

Note: It’s important that you invest in a good hoop before starting. If you are a beginner, opt for a heavier hoop of 3/4” in HDPE or polypro of a size 35” diameter or larger.


If you are passionate about yoga, then you know that it includes breathing exercises, meditation, and postures called Asanas. Yoga helps in stretching your stiff muscles, improve flexibility, build awareness and harmony inside out, and is very essential for people with sedentary lifestyles. Having cannabis and doing Yoga generates similar kind of mental effects. The goal of doing yoga to get your blood pumping is attainable in an exceptional way by having cannabis. It is easy to modify Yoga according to your flexibility level, which makes it feasible and easy to do by anyone. Yoga is a great way to become active, induce body movements and welcomes a

peaceful                    state                       of                      mind.

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If you are considering taking up bicycling, then go for it with no second thoughts. Cycling has countless health benefits that will make it your new pass time activity. This physical exercise works well whether performed solo or in a group and is an effective way to boost your mood. Just like jogging, you can do cycling as per your comfort level to get your heart rate increased. The best part is, you have to go out, take in the fresh air, check out new surroundings, which gives you not only a healthy body but a joyous mind. A recent psychological study found that cyclists have a unique “cool” factor blended with a generosity which makes it an excellent choice for a cannabis-friendly workout. PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS ABOUT TRAFFIC. If you are biking closer to traffic, keep your cannabis dose low!


30-40 mins of jogging daily is a good cardio routine. It burns plenty of calories, good for your cardiovascular fitness and also strengthens your muscles. For beginners, you can start with brisk walking and then move on to jogging and then running gradually. Cannabis helps in boosting your endurance which enhances the longevity of your jog or runs. Jogging pairs nicely with cannabis as it is easy to modify jogging to one’s skill level and this activity has no set endpoint. So you can jog for a short duration or as long as possible. Under the effect of cannabis, the jog gets comfortable.

If you are new to incorporating cannabis with your workout then you should start slowly. If you already have a heart condition, avoid THC for the workout as it can elevate your heart rate and can create a problem. To summarize, cannabis pairs nicely with almost all calorie burning exercises that naturally bring a peaceful state of mind.


About the Author:  Kathy T. Cooley has written for the Erbanna blog several times and always brings us informative, relevant articles for every Cannabis consumer.


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