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Cannabis Industry 101

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We hear about marijuana legalization every day but how does it fit into our lives and why should we care? It seems like everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon, because they are seeing dollar signs.  However, before you can get dizzy about the growing of product, investments and the big business of the Cannabis Industry, you will have to understand what legalization means and the effects it will have on our society.   I guess that’s why I like Disjointed so much.  The show is explaining in the simplest way possible what legalization means on a multitude of levels.

Disjointed has a bunch of characters that on the surface seem, well, silly. Even the reviews haven’t been great - but in my opinion, they is missed the message.   You need to look beyond the characters to what they represent, only then will you start to understand the benefits and pitfalls of this little “weed.”

For example, this season we see what happens when inexperienced under educated, nice people suddenly have a chance of getting into the industry and making some real money.  But there are hard decisions to make, this is business after all, and most don’t know what they are doing and need help.  Even asking for help is hard.  We see Travis walking the line between being a corporate asshole and a good friend.  While Ruth misses the signs that someone is asking for advice.  The more savvy around Olivia (it’s her shitballs that are making a huge splash), under the guise of helping, are not only trying to exploit her, but distorting her vision. Being that inexperienced, makes it difficult to know who to trust and what to believe.  In this we have to try hold on to what brought us to the table to begin with and stick to our personal paths.  Maybe it won’t make us as much money but we won’t sell our souls either.

This is not a new message. The ones who are lucky enough to suddenly find themselves in this position, can be at a great disadvantage and the vultures smell it. We need to stay true to ourselves first.

(Side note:  Before watching this season, if you don’t know who Steve DeAngelo is check out this link:

We also see another common struggle with Jenny: How do I merge what I’m good at with what I love in the Cannabis space? In this case Jenny, a med school dropout turned budtender is trying to figure out how to merge both of her “loves”  while being at peace with herself and her family.  I sat on a panel last year at the CWCBE and listened to Advertising and PR people explaining how to understand the landscape of this industry and how that translates to mainstream.  As our industry progresses, more and more people are facing this challenge.

New and old consumers to marijuana have to educate themselves on the plethera of products now available. They need to figure out what will help them as well as what fits into their lifestyle.  Enter Peter Reiger, who plays Walter a 60 something newcomer to Ruth’s, who is trying Cannabis for the first time.   As we find out what has brought him to Ruth’s, we find a person who needs help and see a friendship unfold.  Without giving away too much, Lorre handles this aspect of the Marijuana consumer with grace and the light sense of humor necessary to navigate the seriousness of it all.

Maria continues to be one of my favorite characters and we get a more in depth look as to why she’s at Ruth’s, as we do with Dank and Dabby.  I find Pete a little out there, he’s hearing voices and there’s a little sci-fi thrown in but don’t let that deter you from the messages being sent!

Again, look to what these characters represent.  They are your neighbors, family and friends.  This show will help you begin to understand the foundation of what is about to be the biggest industry since the .com era and how it will effect everyone around you. This isn’t the best sitcom you will ever watch, far from it.  It is however, one of the best insights to the pot industry, on the consumer level, portrayed to date.  Kudo’s to Mr. Lorre for giving us Cannabis 101, to help us understand what legalization will really mean.  So smoke a fatty, give it a watch with a friend, and make sure to pick the right strain to get into that cerebral discussion on what it all means - Happy consuming!


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