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Cannamoms Unite!!!!

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A few years ago when I had my first trade show at the MJ Biz Conference, I met a woman who headed a group called Cannamoms Club.  They were based in CA and were a bunch of moms who were consumers and came together as a sort of support group for each other with something in common – understanding that sometimes a hit with another mom made those long hours of watching small children bearable.

There is also an actual group, called Cannamom’s.  This special group of mom’s is fighting diligently for common sense legislation, as well as rights and options for every parent in the care of their own children.  They provide other parents and their children with hope, help, resources, and community.  You can find them at  (and as the definition of cannamoms in the urban dictionary!).  There's also, Moms for Marijuana, Mom's Strong, Marijuana Moms, Moms for Marijuana International and Mamma (Mothers advocating medical marijuana for autism) as well as countless others.

So why am I bringing this up?  Well, because a few weeks ago I was interviewed for a magazine specifically about being a cannamom (the generic kind).  Then, yesterday on another phone call with another magazine, a woman said to me, “Oh, and you’re a cannamom right?  What does that mean to you?”  There it was again.  That buzz word.  People are finally noticing that women are consumers and a lot of them happen to be moms.  It’s no wonder we women stayed underground, whispers behind her back saying, “Imagine, she’s a mom and she still smokes pot – must be a horrible mother!”  But perceptions can change.  As people are getting educated the stigma of being a mom and smoking weed is being challenged.  I love that!  So, yes, I guess I am a cannamom.  I am a mom, my children know and accept the fact that I consume, I can educate people about the benefits of marijuana as well as what’s going on with policy and what it means to be in the Cannabis Industry.  My daughter works for me in an ancillary cannabis business – wow, I really am a modern cannamom and damn proud of it!!!

At the ripe old age of 56 (ehem, almost 57) I love that when I’m out and someone finds out what I do, I am barraged with questions about not only my business, but the industry and marijuana itself.  When they hear my daughter works for me, it makes them think about what they’ve been told and what is fact.  I’ve become a vocal advocate and can have that conversation openly and not care about judgements.  My children are adults who accept my usage and understand the plant.  Honestly the biggest hurdle is being a cannadaughter to a generation who can’t seem to let go of the old notions of marijuana. Changing those ideas, has been one of the biggest uphill battles I’ve had in the acceptance of my choices.  But I will continue to follow my path with patience and love and as my friend Gia said so proudly at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo – I’ve made the choice to be in this industry and I make no apologies for it.  Here’s hoping that we can get passed the judgements and open our hearts and minds to try to understand each other.  My name is Ann and I’m a cannamom!  Happy Consuming!


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  • Jenn Lauder: June 22, 2017

    Yes! I love stories about mamas feeling empowered personally and professionally because of cannabis! Would you be interested in talking with us at Splimm: The Pot and Parenting Newsletter about your work and your philosophy? We’d be excited to learn more!

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