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The Attorney General's View vs. Mine

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It has come to my attention that this year, many family gatherings have banned political talks at their tables.  I am one of the guilty parties.  After I’ve spent days cooking and setting up for a beautiful dinner, yelling and discourse at my dinner table makes me upset!  Although, I might have tolerated some discussions in the past, this particular election, has left people in highly emotional states and others like myself, decided to nip it in the bud and ban discussion at their tables.  This is really unfortunate, because other than the two candidates for President who have sparked this ban, there are other issues that should and must be discussed. I have never really been that passionate about any political issues until Marijuana legalization became a reality.  It made me step up and be uncomfortable for a cause.  It sparked a passion to educate and have people understand.  We had 8 out of the 9 states looking for legalization either medically or recreationally pass, we are making history and should be yelling “Victory” from the rafters.  

Until now, I’ve tried to stay away from giving my personal views on my website and Social Media as it pertains to candidates, but now, I must speak out.  Pres-elect Trump decided to appoint Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.  Among other things, this is a man who publicly stated that “Good people don’t smoke Marijuana.”  I’m sorry Mr. Sessions, are you saying that the vets who defended this country and now have PTSD are not good people.  That they should be condemned for this choice.  That people who suffer through chemo treatments are not good people?  I pray that one of your loved ones needs MMJ after chemo, so you, Sessions, can eat crow! Was that harsh?  Not harsh enough. We cannot stop stating our political views with our own families.   We need to continue the conversations necessary to educate and enlighten people like Jeff Sessions.   We can dig in and defend our own views, but we need to hear each other. We need to find a way to work together so that we can rise up against the ignorance that is now taking it’s seat in high places. We must continue the Marijuana conversation no matter how heated.  Breathe, Listen, Acknowledge, then Educate.  Let’s not lose our momentum over the next 4 years.     Namaste.


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