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I love a good story and although I think I go through life like everyone else my friends seem to think things tend to happen to me because I always come back with a good story. For instance take the first time I ever tried dabbing.

I was at a conference in Denver and connected with a girl they call Danny the Dabber. Danny works at a well known dispensary in CA and is actually hired to show people how to dab. Cool right - who knew! Curious, a couple of friends and I decide to meet up with Danny in a hotel room to learn about dabbing. It's actually a fascinating process which I remember parts of but before I knew it, I was completely stoned. As we were all sitting there laughing and enjoying the high, we all got really hungry and realized it was dinner time. My friends had their coats but I had left mine in my room so I told them I'd meet them in the lobby.

With a contented smile on my face, I float to my room, grab my coat and hit the elevator button and wait and wait and wait. As I'm waiting I start thinking, “Wow, has a lot of time passed or am I just really stoned?” So I wait some more and I'm trying to convince myself it's one of those kinds of highs when everything moves really slowly. I start imagining security cameras are watching me, so I'm trying to look cool but it's taking a really long time. “I know,” I think, “I'll set my phone timer to see how much time has passed!” Brilliant, right so now I can actually see how much time has passed AND I have proof that I was waiting a long time when my friends asked what happened to me.

No sooner had I set the timer that I start hearing this noise that sounds like a loud machine -I look up and see the elevator door shaking and I'm thinking, “Are the doors moving?” and then I hear this noise and it's getting louder! Wtf?! What is happening right now- am I tripping? Are the elevator doors going to explode? What is going on?”  Instinct (or Monty Python) kicked in and my brain screamed “Run away!!!” I turn around to see, "Yes!" an exit door, I tear it open and proceed to start running down 8 flights of stairs.  As I'm running, the lights and alarms start going off in the stairwell! “Aaaaa!!!! what is happening?!!” I start talking to myself, “ Just keep moving- you’ll get out just keep running!” Finally I get to the bottom and out the door and see fire engines everywhere-I make my way to my friends who explain there was a fire on the top floor. Wow, not what you want to happen ever, but especially not the first time you try dabbing.  So it turns out, the noise was the sprinkler systems gushing water down the elevator shaft hitting against the doors making them shake. After I finally catch my breath, my friends tell me they are impressed with my reaction to get myself to safety. That's great I think, but talk about a buzz kill, I haven't dabbed since!

So what's your getting high story- send it to me because I'd love to know. I'll post the ones i love! Until then keep on living life and happily consuming!

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