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DIY: How To Make Great Edibles

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If you have smoked cannabis before, there is a good chance that you have used edibles.  

This is because edibles is one of the easiest ways to use marijuana without people really noticing you.


For all they know, you could just be eating a regular piece of brownie, or regular gummies that have many different kinds of flavors.


To those of you who are looking to buy great edibles instead of making it yourself, I usually go to this mail order weed canada as I found they provide pretty competitive prices on their cannabis products. They even offer free shipping which I appreciate them for!


Anyway, without further ado, let’s get talking about how you can make great edibles!


What Edibles Does To Your Body


Before we talk about how we can make edibles, we first need to know what it does to you. You would not want to eat something you don’t know anything about, do you?


Edibles are great for people who prefer not to inhale any smoke or vape particles in their body. With edibles, you eat it like any other food. Because of this, it will take longer for you to experience the edibles effect due to digesting taking more time than just inhaling cannabis smoke.


Usually, you will start to feel the effects after 3 hours or so and you will start to get really high in the 5 hour range.


In essence, your liver is receiving the cannabis and not your lungs. I usually like to buy marijuana online from dispensaries that have a promotion going on. In this way, I can get more cannabis products like shatter or hash with less money.


When you compare smoking and eating cannabis, you actually get more cannabis in you when you eat them. With smoking, you end up retaining 25% of THC from the marijuana strain. However, edibles can give you up to 90% of THC!

That is a huge difference considering if you want to get as much euphoric experience as possible in your system.


Also, the effects of edibles on your body will be based on your tolerance to it. If you have higher tolerance, you will just have to take more. If you have lower tolerance, maybe even one bite of brownie may be enough!


Just experiment with what your ideal dosage is to get an optimal experience in taking edibles and you will be happy.


How To Make Edibles


Edibles are basically food that has been mixed in with some cannabis products. The more cannabis you mix in, the more high you will get. You can taste how cookies get more sweet when you add more sugar. Edibles work in a similar way, There are actually so many edibles in the market that you can get inspiration from.


People mix all things such as mango, apples, jalapeno, cheddar, even popcorn! Get creative on what you want to eat your cannabis with and then follow the recipe instructions that have been provided online or in a cookbook. Just have fun with the whole process for a good time.


Thank you to Jessica Smith for another great contribution to our blog page!

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