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Fight For Marijuana Legalization

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I recently went to my supplier to get a little weed for the holiday weekend.  He brought out his bud which looked and smelled great, but when I asked whether it was a sativa, indica, or hybrid, he had no idea – his response, “It’s good weed and it will get you high!”

This is why legalization needs to happen sooner rather than later.  Gone are the days where I am just smoking anything I can find – I’ve been educated.  I know what I need and when.  Great sativa for creative sessions, euphoric hybrid for nights out and a nice tasting indica for sleep.  Being at the mercy of no name pot is a thing of the past for me.  I want to know what I’m getting and what it will do.  I want to look up the strain on Leafly to help me make the decision.  I’ve been spoiled by going to legal states and having all the information at my fingertips to make an educated decision for what I’m about to put into my body.

Yes, marijuana strains have come a long way but the Federal Government needs to get on board so we no longer have this crapshoot! This black market bullsh.. isn’t good for anyone’s body or pocket.

I suppose to some, the hesitation to legalize is a worry that we are on a slippery slope. With greater availability will the entire population be stoned?  What happens if teens get access?  Well my friends this is no different than teens getting their hands on alcohol and Ritalin.  This is not something that should be sold to minors – but right now it’s just as easy for them to get it as adults.  To tell you the truth, I believe that legalization will make it harder for underage usage. I don’t think people who already consume will increase their intake but just feel a little more at ease when purchasing marijuana and will be able to be more educated on their choices. Legalization might make someone who was afraid but curious now feel more comfortable to try it – but I don’t think there will suddenly be an epidemic of stoned people.   I don’t think marijuana legalization is to the detriment of the US and frankly, sometimes I wish more people consumed.  This country has to slow down.  We are like chipmunks on speed.  Everything is coming at us fast – we live with our noses in computers and phones (that are computers) and work 7 days a week – unless of course you live in Oregon. No wonder over 30% of women are on anti-anxiety meds.   I for one think that a little slowing down, a hint of a smile and a resurgence of a sense of humor which seems to be so sorely lacking today would benefit a lot of people.  But continuing with black market buying does not help anyone understand how and when to consume marijuana.  

As we are approaching yet another new year – let’s all work a little bit harder for legalization.

Do just one thing – call or write your representatives, join a group that needs money to lobby, just do something.  If we all do just one thing maybe we can legalize and start studying the effects for even further refinement of usage.  In the meantime, happy consuming!


Here are a couple of Organizations to check out!



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