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Free Birthday Preroll In Colorado!

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Greetings from Denver!  Well not really, as I’m back but what a great town and what a great show!  First of all Champs Trade shows are getting better all the time.  If you’ve ever been part of a trade show circuit you know how most people dread them! Champs has a great crew and understands what the Marijuana Industry is about and cares about its people.  If you’re not a vendor, you should come in and check out the show as there are so many amazing products and cool glass that it’s worth walking through.

Let’s talk about dispensaries and buying marijuana in Colorado vs. other states.  The first time I bought weed in Denver I found it was very dry.  I had gone to a reputable dispensary but my bud was dry.  I was really disappointed and thought it was the dispensary selling me old bud.   So when I went back this time I tried 2 different dispensaries and guess what? – the bud was still dry!  This is somewhat disappointing as I’ve travelled to several states and wandered into dispensaries with beautiful, full buds.  I can only guess that because Colorado is so dry (made apparent by my applying Keihl’s 3 times a day and my dry nasal passages!) it’s close to impossible to sell bud in containers that will keep the humidity at the right temperature.  (Another new business guys, come up with an idea for dispensaries to keep the cabinets where the containers are kept humidity controlled OR make small individual containers that can fit teeny tiny Boveda’s!) 

About that free birthday preroll... while a lot of dispensaries in Denver give a free preroll for your birthday, I was told about a dispensary called Euflora that gives a birthday discount of whatever your age is that year.  As luck would have it, the trade show ended on my birthday!  This might be the only time in my life I’ve benefitted from being older.  So of course, friends piled on to take advantage of the discount – but here’s something I have not had experience with – you can’t buy more than an ounce at a time.  Hahaha, so I couldn’t help as many friends as I wanted, but we still got some pretty sweet deals, enabling me to try out a couple of new strains that I had not experienced yet.  One in particular, Queen Mother Goji, is an exclusive Euflora strain you might want to try.  Wonderful aroma, made me feel happy and mellow, a really, nice high.  They had some others like Sour Patch Kiss, which wasn’t for me and Double OG Tange, which I liked as well.  I must say, I’m becoming a big fan of the Goji and OG families.  As a matter of fact, I also had something called Goji OG, a sativa dominant hybrid which was quite fun to smoke and even more fun to say!

We also received a free preroll for my friends birthday from Native Roots in Dillon, so if you find yourself in a dispensary on your birthday, don't forget to mention it!

I’d love some feedback on my experience vs. your own.  Has anyone experienced non-dry bud in Denver and can you point me in that dispensary’s direction?  I’d love to see for myself and give a shout out!  In the meantime, happy consuming!


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