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Great Downtown Portland Dispensary Find!

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On a recent visit to Portland Oregon, I had the pleasure of discovering a new dispensary in downtown Portland called Serra.  I’m guessing Serra is not new, but it was new to me!  Only 2 blocks from my hotel and the river, it’s the perfect location to buy some bud and take a stroll to try out your new bud strain.

I’ve been in dispensary’s before but I must say that this one had some of the freshest buds I’ve had the pleasure of buying anywhere.

The second thing I experienced in this dispensary was a knowledgeable and an incredibly personable budtender.  April not only knew her bud, but gave me great guidance on strains that were comparable to the ones I knew were a good match for me.  I bought a gram of 3 different strains and as it was a beautiful day, I headed to the park to sample my samples!

The first one was Cherry Pie Kush, which was delightful.  A couple of hits had me enjoying this most glorious sunny day.  Then a stroll back to the hotel for lunch and a chat with the bartender, had me relaxed, happy and ready for an incredible weekend visit with my daughter.

This is exactly what a dispensary experience should be – a clean beautiful place, well thought out, easy to navigate, budtenders who are attentive and knowledgeable and the freshest herb.  In my opinion, Serra is a model dispensary.  After 6 hours on a plane how wonderful to shed all anxiety and stress with one stop shopping!  Going into dispensary’s can be a little intimidating even for the most seasoned visitor but for most of us, (especially us East Coasters), having someone to help you navigate through the plethora of available products and strains in a beautiful environment proves to be a wonderful experience.

Visit Serra in downtown Portland, you won’t be disappointed!  And on a final note, here’s a shout out to Serra and April, “Thanks so much and I’ll be back!”  Check out their website:



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