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Breaking News! Governor Chris Christie signed a bill to allow PTSD patients in NJ to be able to get medical Marijuana in New Jersey!

I can’t tell you how big that is for him (no pun intended), for me and for this State.

For those of you who don’t know, getting MMJ (Medical Marijuana) prescribed unless you were dying was nearly impossible here in NJ.

Our Governor had made it very clear that he opposed Marijuana, both medically and recreationally. The thought of him actually changing his mind can lead me to the conclusion that he decided to read the studies and found out how much MMJ helps patients with PTSD.

I’ve also learned that NJ Dispensaries have been given the green light to sell some extractions, including cannabis-infused lozenges. (Until now, dispensaries could sell only flowers).

If the Governor was here right now I would give him a gigantic hug! I have seen first hand with a loved one how the right dosage can dramatically help a person with PTSD. I am literally so happy I could cry.

Now the next step is finding a doctor in NJ to prescribe because as of now there are only 398 in the State that are registered. Maybe if our Governor has seen the light, there is hope that more doctors will see it too and sign on to help.

This is a good day!


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