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Happy Holidays!

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My niece recently posted on FB, “With all the negativity around us...Let's create some positivity over the next few weeks leading up to the holidays ...”

She’s decided to do a small gift exchange.  I love this idea and every one of us should think about what it is that we can do to create some positivity in our lives.  Yes, the political climate is intense and yes we have great uncertainty but we also have the ability to change our mood.  It might take time, but if we dig deep enough, grab hold of what is positive, create what we need, then yes, we can.

Consider it a gift that the elections come at the beginning of November and that Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks later.  It’s wonderful that we are being reminded to reflect. Do you have family, friends, your health, a cherished pet, a hobby you like and are able to do?  Whatever it is that gives you joy, let it envelope you.  Take this time, to take a deep breath and let all of these things that bring us strength, wash over us and guide us and make us appreciate what we do have. 

We are still in one of the best country’s in the world and we are not a soulless people.  Grab hold of your truths and love, give thanks for what you do have, be kind and God Bless everyone as we begin this holiday season.



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