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How Is Multiple Sclerosis Treated With CBD?

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Multiple sclerosis affects about two and a half million people across the world. In the United States alone, 400,000 people suffer from this condition. It reduces the quality of life of a patient by interfering with a person's ability to perform daily tasks, pursue leisure activities, and work.

The treatment of this disorder involves the use of medications that cause numerous side effects, such as back pain and headache. Patients are on the lookout for alternative treatment approaches, and CBD seems to offer the much-needed solution. CBD is becoming popular due to its potential health benefits, and it is no wonder that researchers recognize its importance in multiple sclerosis.

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis (MS)  is an autoimmune condition that affects the brain and spinal cord. It affects both young and middle-aged people, and its deliberate progression is one of the distinguishing factors when it comes to autoimmune diseases. The way that this condition affects the body poses challenges for patients and hinders them from living a normal life. Most patients need constant help to perform basic tasks. The most common symptoms of MS are fatigue, reduced mobility, spasticity, sensory deficits, bladder dysfunction, and palsy. 

What is CBD?

CBD is a popular name right now in the cannabis industry, and it may leave you wondering what it means. It is one of the compounds found in marijuana and hemp plants. CBD is famous due to its potential medical advantages. It is a unique marijuana compound because it does not have psychoactive effects, and this implies that it will not make you feel 'high.' Studies identify some of the benefits of consuming CBD, including to relieve anxiety and pain, alleviate inflammation, treating vomiting and nausea, and improve sleep.

CBD and Multiple Sclerosis

In regards to multiple sclerosis, researchers believe that CBD helps to:

Improve Mobility

CBD helps to improve mobility in patients who have multiple sclerosis. MS patients have reduced mobility due to decreased motor control, spasticity, and impaired muscle strength. Findings from recent research show that CBD lowers inflammation, pain, fatigue, spasticity, and depression, which in turn improves mobility in MS patients.


Patients of MS often have feelings of depression because this condition significantly affects the quality of their lives. Patients may feel worthless or stressed because they cannot move well and have to depend on others to accomplish most activities. CBD contains anti-depressant properties that can benefit these patients. The human endocannabinoid system controls various activities, including sleep, mood, and appetite. CBD imitates the work of receptors found in this system, and when consumed, it can help to reduce depressant factors and give you a good mood.

Pain Reduction

Pain is a common symptom in patients with MS, and it can hinder a lot of activities. For example, spasticity causes musculoskeletal and back pain. On the same note, pressure on the body due to immobility can also contribute to pain. CBD interacts with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system that is responsible for pain regulation to help alleviate any discomfort among patients.

Muscle spasticity

People with spasticity experience muscle stiffness and CBD can help to reduce muscle spasms and is an effective muscle relaxant. In research that focused on the management of MS spasticity with CBD, researchers argue that it is beneficial in treating this symptom of MS as well as pain. According to the experts, the endocannabinoid system regulates neurotransmission and controls signs of tremor and spasticity. Since CBD reacts with this system, it plays a significant role in reducing muscle stiffness among patients. CBD possesses antispasmodic properties and proves beneficial in healing fractures as well as bone formation. This comes in handy for people with muscle stiffness.

Relieve Insomnia

Insomnia affects more than half of patients with MS. Patients find it challenging to move due to muscle stiffness, and this is in addition to pain caused by various factors. All these combinations make it hard to sleep. CBD can help to promote sleep among such patients. It reduces pain, inflammation, anxiety, enhances mobility, and this, in turn, can help one to sleep better at night.

Furthermore, it interacts well with body receptors that control sleep and can help balance hormones to ensure that you enjoy a proper sleep cycle. Patients can enjoy improved sleep by utilizing CBD. Therefore, it is a good alternative to the current treatment because it has no side effects and works well in healing muscle spasticity.

Reduce Inflammation

Patients suffering from chronic inflammation due to multiple sclerosis can benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. CBD suppresses neuroinflammation in patients, in addition to reducing pain. Patients can take advantage of the potent properties of CBD that help to alleviate any inflammatory signs and improve the immune system.

How to Administer CBD for Multiple Sclerosis

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You can administer CBD for MS in various ways. Some patients prefer vaping and smoking, while others prefer CBD infused edibles. Vaping is an efficient method to use if you want the effects to kick in almost immediately. Using edibles may take time for the body to digest and absorb, and if you're going to manage pain, vaping sounds like a fast option. Besides, patients also use sublingual tinctures by placing drops of CBD oil below the tongue. The blood vessels below the tongue absorb the liquid and transport it to other parts of the body instantly.

It is worth noting that you should know the right dosage to ensure you enjoy the desired effects. If you are using CBD for insomnia, you may require smaller concentrations. However, patients may need high CBD strengths if they want to address mobility and muscle spasticity.


There is no doubt why CBD is fast gaining traction in the medical field. It treats a variety of health problems, and MS is just one of them. Patients can use CBD as an alternative treatment method. Research shows that it reduces pain and inflammation, manages anxiety, and helps to promote mobility. But when making a purchase, ensure that you buy premium quality CBD oil from reputable dealers to enjoy its health benefits.


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