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How To Store Your Weed To Keep It Fresh

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Being able to buy something may be easy but maintenance is the hardest part. The same is true with cannabis as far as preserving and maintaining go. Most people use it the same way by buying it from a dispensary and placing it in the same plastic pop top jar that they receive it in. Most of them are also transparent which lets light pass through. Both of these are causes for your marijuana’s potency to drop.

Even worse than a pop top jar is a plastic ziplock bag. Over time, you will notice flakes of the crystals and outer layer of the bud. Along with the light and container, you also want to make sure the moisture is perfect too.  is very similar to storing weed because they share very similar characteristics. All this does not only affect your herb flowers but the same process will go for tinctures and wax.

Best Way to Preserve Weed

Being able to store your weed in a place to retain potency is very important. Even alcohol like wine or whiskey is created and put in the barrel.

There are many ways to preserve your weed. Of course, if you don’t do this, your THC amount won’t decrease by a huge amount. However, you will feel a noticeable loss from the trichromes to the effects of your bud.

What to Do:

●      Air-Tight Container

One of the biggest causes for your weed going dry is because of the oxygen around it. Having a vacuum sealed container that is air-tight will make sure your herbs retain the same moisture throughout your sessions.

●      Use a Humidor

Using a humidor goes back to retaining moisture by using an airtight container. You can even throw Boveda packets in your glass jar. This will increase humidity to make sure it stays moist rather than dry up. A bamboo humidor can create the perfect moisture for your herbs. If you don’t use one and leave it in a closed jar, humidity can fill up the jar. Too much moisture can lead to mold.

●      Keep it Room Temperature

Temperature is another very important aspect you should check. When it comes to marijuana, temperature is very important whether you’re vaping or you need to decarboxylate your marijuana. Decarbing your weed is very important because it changes your weed active ingredient from THCa to THC.

Always make sure you’re keeping your herbs in room temperature. Some people love to put it in the freezer because supposedly it helps retain potency. This doesn’t actually help it because when it freezes, the flakes break off easier. When it’s too hot, it will automatically dry up and break off even more. Giant temperature changes can also lead to bacterial growth.

●      Use Glass Containers

Using a glass container is going to be your best bet. Unfortunately, most of them are seethrough and transparent. If you can find a glass jar that has a tint to make sure it limits the amount of light shining in, use that. Make sure the tint is dark enough on the glass jar for light to not get through so the interior is still dark. If not, stash it in a dark place.

What You Don’t Do:

●      Don’t Leave it Out and About

Going back to the oxygen, don’t leave your weed out. This will dry it up fairly quickly, especially if you live in a dryer climate. Too much air will increase the degradation of the cannabinoids that are exposed.

●      Don’t Put it in Plastic Jars

Plastic jars are known to destroy flavor and quality. Plastic has a static charge that tends to cause the trichromes to fall off the buds. The more there are, the more defensive mechanisms there are to retain potency.

●      Don’t Leave it Under Light

Regardless of the light, it is probably emitting some UV rays. They break down any organic and synthetic materials. This is very similar to your grass turning yellow after a long summer. It slowly dies and the UV rays destroy the potency slowly. Making sure it’s not under light can also help maintain the surrounding temperature.

●      Don’t Mix Different Strains Together

Since not all strains are the same and they have different characteristics, it’s best to make sure you keep strains separated. Some people use marijuana specifically for medicinal assistance and therefore they use specific strains. Some strains will give energy while helping lower inflammation while others will help you sleep easier. If you mix these two, you can be up for hours trying to sleep.

●      Don’t Grind Your Herbs Before You Take It Out the Jar

Grinding your herbs is very important but this is best to be done right before you pack it. Breaking it up is going to cause trichromes to fall off. When they fall off, there will be less safety protections on your buds. Most people break it up with their hands and drop it back into the jar. Grinding it in your grinder is useful because it fills up with kief.


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