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Everyone Smokes Pot (and other things we tell our parents!)

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You’ve heard the phrase before, perhaps you’ve even uttered it “Everyone smokes Pot.”

The first time I uttered those words was in a hotel room in 1976 when on a family vacation my father found my rolling papers in my pillowcase.  My response was, “but Da, everybody smokes pot.”  His reply was reactionary and swift, I never saw it coming.

The perception of pot then (until now) has always been a negative one.  It was overwhelming for my father to believe that I, a straight A student, a jock who also held a part time job after school, could possibly smoke pot.

But what seemed true to me back then seems even more so now.  I was never stuck, I was constantly working and striving.  The children of the 60’s and 70’s have grown up, to become one of the most successful generations in history.  They have accumulated wealth and have raised their children.  These empty nesters are going back to familiar sounds and smells and tastes, recreating a happy carefree time in their lives.  They’re smoking pot.

Women have denied Marijuana use for so long, afraid of being looked down upon as bad mothers, slackers, irresponsible workers or women without morals or values.  Several years ago, Meryl Streep, a woman in her 60’s, did a movie called “It’s Complicated.”  She smokes pot before going on a date with Steve Martin and when she opened the door stoned, we fell even more in love with her than we had been before.  In the movie, she owned her own business, raised a beautiful, thriving family and she looked great.  But when she lit that joint a sigh of relief could be heard from women boomers down through milennials as we witnessed the new/old face of women who smoke marijuana.  It was about time.

Magazines like and Marie Claire have supported their female audience to “come out green.”  They have found women courageous enough to take that first step and say, yes, I’m a mom, yes I’m a professional and yes sometimes I smoke pot, and it really is okay.  For a lot of women, it is better than alcohol.  No hangover, no extra calories and a great night’s sleep ready to conquer the world (or at least her family!) the next day. 

This year we have seen women taking the lead in the Marijuana industry.  We are all lucky to be able to watch this incredible evolution.  Women are coming forward to say there is such a thing as responsible Cannabis consumption and are letting people know that the legalization of marijuana is long overdue.

I’m happy to help take the negative connotation away from immoral, lazy, stupid, stuck stoners of the past, who don’t contribute to society perception.  I believe we are finally looking at the real faces of women who smoke pot for she is every woman!  I am so ready for 2017!!!


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