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I recently attended the Champs show in Atlantic City, NJ. Champs is a great trade show in the Industry, Erbanna was even launched at this show just last year!  However, this time I attended as a guest and got to enjoy the new innovations and products coming into the industry (not to mention a ton of free samples!). Having said that I came upon a company that put my antenna up. 

As the land of edibles evolves (especially on the East Coast) we are starting to see new promises crop up. At the show, one such company had pills promising Serenity, Happiness, Romance, Vitality and Intelligence. I was assuming since this was a counterculture show that everything had to do with Cannabis so I asked the question, “What strains enhance all of these moods?” and the answer disturbed me.  These pills did not contain any Cannabis but instead the Canna and Kava plants.  I’m sure they said Canna first as a buzz word so I would assume it was Cannabis related.  I was not so easily misled.

The truth is the canna plant is not part of the Cannabis family at all.  It’s just a flowering plant that have rhizomes which are rich in starch, and has many uses in agriculture. The Kava plant may not be as benign.  People ingest kava to calm anxiety, stress, and restlessness. Kava is used for sleeping problems (insomnia), ADHD, along with a host of other problems and it works. On the flip side, liver damage has been reported from high consumption of kava use. As the result of this, kava has been banned in a few countries.

Now I don’t know if show guys' pills can do what was promised but what I do know is it made me pause.  Is this going to be the trend now?  Are other herbal remedies going to be showing up at Cannabis shows?  What will be the next misunderstood herb to jump on the band wagon?  Maybe we have been overlooking other plants and roots that could make us run faster and jump higher, (sort of like PF flyers)!  I guess my advice is this – as the Marijuana Industry grows beware of Snake Oil Salesman and stay thoughtful and educated before you put anything into your body. Challenging the old myths of Marijuana and it’s properties has us opening our minds to other alternative medicine possibilites but it’s up to each of us to know what we are putting into our bodies at all times  - Happy Consumption!

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