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I read a lot having to do with the Marijuana Industry.  I read about the industry, laws, new products, because like any business owner, I need to get insight into what’s going on and how it might affect my business.  But sometimes all this reading can get a little dry.  Always looking to amuse myself, I have recently found exceptional humor in reviews.  Reviews on the effects of pot when people exercise or go to Disney World, (thank you Emma Stone  but also reviews on strains.  So here’s a little humor to start your week. (These reviews were taken from

On Pineapple Express (Hybrid)

It's almost a shame too smoke it… it's like killing a unicorn"


On Amnesia (Sativa)

“I forgot what I was going to say.”


On Pineapple Kush (hybrid)

Instantly blasts you off into outer space and then gently brings you back down like a parachute slowly floating back to the beautiful blue earth.


On American Dream (hybrid) one of my top two strains, clearly still high when written, excerpts from these reviews actually made me laugh out loud –

 “… was just gifted some American Dream and fired it up when I got home. I'm glad I waited to get home. I was high as I was exhaling I think.  My knee hurt before I fired up, and its like what knee was it that was hurting? Colors are bright, and I'm not mad at anything.. Be and let be... in peace!”

 “The sensation you get after hitting American Dream... can only be compared to the feeling of taking your first step onto Ellis Island while gazing up at the Statue of Liberty’s wondrous bosom after completing your long journey across the Atlantic to escape your war-torn homeland. And that sensation my friends... is greatness.”

Hahaha – well done all!  To all my Erbanna friends, have a wonderful week and always try to find the humor!!!  As always, happy consuming!


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