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Pets and Pot

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A few years ago I had an accident with weed in my own home. I would have never thought this could happen, as I’m pretty careful with my weed, and although my dog tends to steal food, he’s never been particularly interested in my pot.  Having said that, I don’t leave it out because, well, he’s a dog, and you never know.

But even the most careful dog owner can get a little relaxed.  Case in point, I was sitting outside on a gorgeous summer night with a friend and yes, we were smoking weed.  My table in the back is a low open-laced table so there are gaps where things can fall through.  Just such a thing happened.  We were snacking and smoking and I guess some crumbs and a couple of small buds fell through to the ground. My dog was doing his vacuum-like scan and licking up everything off the ground.  It never dawned on me that pot had fallen. Although he would never seek out my weed, it kind of got licked up in the sweep.  This was not a good thing.

My friend left and I said, “Come on Buddy, let’s take you for your last walk of the night,” and I put his leash on and started our walk.  The first thing that I noticed was that he wasn’t walking in his usual straight line, the next thing was that he was peeing while he was walking.  I remember thinking, “Is he peeing while he’s walking, how odd?”  So I stopped and said, “Conan, look at me.”  He did and he looked like a Parkinson’s patient.  He was all shaky in his head.  That was it! I swooped him up and ran back to the house and put him down on the floor and he fell over, not unconscience, just over. I didn’t know what was wrong, so I flew to the Vet ER.  The first thing the vet asked me was if it was possible that he could have ingested marijuana.  I was like a deer in the headlights.  I felt like I was the worst pet owner in the world and they were going to take my dog away.  I fessed up and said yes, because this was serious.  They kept him overnight.

The next day when I went to pick him up there was a women that I had seen the night before who was ahead of me with her small dog who was displaying the same symptoms I had seen in Conan.  When I asked her she confessed that her bf had left his pot on the table and the dog ate some.

I am telling you this story because although pot isn’t lethal in humans, it is toxic in small pets.  We love our pets and sometimes, we can almost forget they are there - but they are there watching and waiting.  We need to be mindful of our stash and keep it safe from pets.  One great thing about my Erbanna bags; it is so easy to keep my pot conveniently out and zipped up all at once, not just keeping odor in but keeping pets safe.

I learned my lesson and my dog is fine - still eating anything left out but he won’t get a chance at my pot again.  Remember to be mindful and keep your pets safe, because there is no Happy Consuming for your pets!

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