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The November election is rapidly approaching and it’s cause for concern as it pertains to the legalization of Marijuana. Hillary wants to take Cannabis from a Schedule 1 drug to a Schedule 2 – this deserves it’s own blog but let’s just say it’s not as good as it sounds. And Donald, G~d help us, approves of medical Marijuana but he’s a Republican and surrounds himself with anti Cannabis advocates, including his VP Pence.

Having said that, here’s the list of the 9 states that have legalization on the ballot.

The first 5 are seeking to move into the rec space. These include Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada. The other 4, Arkansas, Florida, Montana, and North Dakota, are looking to pass Medically.

Let’s start with A for Arizona and the hurdles they are facing.

Arizona seems to be having loud opposition to legalization mainly from their Chamber of Commerce and a few big businesses. They think that legalization is suddenly going to increase usage in the workplace, making it dangerous (like if you need to operate a forklift) and also see a decrease in work performance and attendence.

I suddenly feel like Mateo in the youtube video , “Listen Linda, lookit, lookit, Linda, listen Linda…” People listen, if you have an employee who wakes and bakes then they will continue to do so. If you have an employee who chooses to smoke weed on their own time, legalization is not going to change their behavior. They will continue to show up and do their job, just as they have been.

Apparently, these businesses believe that legalization means there will be a sudden rush of all these people just flocking into dispensaries to start smoking pot. The real question is, are these businesses giving breathalyzer tests to people they believe might be drinking on the job? Are they drug testing for painkillers like Belbuca?    Because you should not be operating heavy machinery with some of the pharma drugs that people take on a daily basis before work (or those two beers with lunch).

Arizona also fears an increase in teen usage. I think that legalization will help this issue, and so does a recent report by the Marijuana Policy Project, read:

Linda Lookit, we all have to be responsible consumers. We have an obligation and responsibility to our kids to talk to them about our world and what’s in it. Educate and keep them safe. Whether it’s alcohol, sex , Marijuana or drugs, have the conversation and let them know they can ask you anything. My feeling is, this is not a government issue but a parental responsibility.

The pollsters are feeling that Arizona will not pass this November because as of July 2016, 52.5% polled said they would vote no to recreational usage. However, the Phoenix New Times disagrees. They believe it will pass because although the rural areas of Arizona are more conservative, there are a lot of independent voters who will vote yes. They have also sited that the Medical Marijuana Program has been a huge success and the young voters will “come out in droves” this election. You can find their top ten reasons for passing here:

I do believe that it’s going to be tight, but I’m casting my vote that it will pass.


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