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Top Reasons Why I Get High

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It dawns on me that there are a lot of reasons to get high. For fun, a sense of well-being, to curb anxiety, or just to deal with the world in general. After a frustrating encounter at my bank today, I left thinking, “Wow, that would have been a lot easier if I had taken a hit first” So I thought I’d share some reasons why I get high!

It’s been a long day…Weed is my glass of wine. After a long day, it’s the best self-indulgent time out. Take your shoes off, put your feet up and light a joint. Ahh, feel the stress of the day just disappear and it puts you in a better mood for your SO.

I’m going to yoga!  I love smoking pot before yoga and apparently I’m not alone. I have taken Ganga Yoga in San Fran with a whole class of people who feel like I do! Smoking really lets me listen to my breathing and get deep into my stretches.

Meditation.  The best time for me to meditate is after yoga. I’ve gotten high, stretched, steadied my breath and cleared my mind. I’m not ready to enter the world yet; it’s time to meditate. Already relaxed from yoga, one more hit makes the ideas flow. It’s relaxing, and creative and I feel like I can conquer the world.

It’s a beautiful day!  The sun is shining, and the temperature is perfect. It’s time to slow the world down. I pop on some headphones and go to my favorite coffee shop, for a Chai Latte and stroll around. I always use these opportunities to just smile and be extra nice to people, it gives me a sense of well being in an otherwise hectic world and people usually smile back. Go ahead and spread some happiness!

It’s a freakin’ horrible day!  Since the alarm went off, nothing seems to be going right. I’m behind with work, a couple of deals fell through, the weather sucks and no one wants to hear about my problems.  To turn the day around, I take a step back, smoke a little and let it wash over me. This keeps me from having a heart attack and reset the day.

It’s a snow day!  Snow got you stuck inside? This is the best time to smoke! Don’t shower, don’t get out of your pj’s, set up a feast and binge watch that Netflix show you’ve been trying to catch up on!

I have to do menial errands today and need to handle the incompetence of the world around me.  Does it seem to you that no one gives a sh.t about their jobs anymore? The incompetence that I encounter out there – especially when I’m in a hurry (which is all of the time), is staggering. These small frustrations are so much more amusing if you’re high as it’s happening!

Even in the best relationships, your SO can get on your nerves.  Let’s be real here. No matter how much you love someone, sometimes you just don’t want to deal with their BS. Smoking a little weed, helps keep you engaged and empathetic when you have nothing left to give.

Tequila and a hit of pot makes a girl horny!  I can’t speak for anyone else, but if I take a hit of pot and have a few sips of a drink, it’s the best aphrodisiac. Just the right amount of warmth to get a person going! Go ahead indulge, the only driving you’ll be doing won’t require a license.

Getting high helps you see humor at family functions.  I have a great family, I love them all, but sometimes these gatherings can be anxiety producing (especially if there is one family member who is a little more argumentative then the rest). I grab my vape bag and no one knows that I’m gone for a quick second. Then I can reset my frame of mind and be ready to face even the most obstinate relative.

Hard work just paid off!  We are all working so hard and we usually don’t get immediate results. But when good things happen after all the hard work we put in then it’s time to celebrate! This is a great time to smoke a bowl with someone who gets it! I sometimes Skype with my friend and we share our successes (and failures) with what we like to call a “virtual.”

So, why do you get high?


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