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Seattle Hemp Fest 2017

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Seattle Hemp Fest was this past weekend and it could not have been a more beautiful weekend or event.  Set on the waterfront overlooking Elliot Bay and with a view of Mt Rainier, the setting was perfect.  We were blessed with three days of gorgeous mid seventy sunny skies and a crowd who was there to soak in everything Hemp Fest had to offer: Lectures, new products, entertainment and food.


Over a hundred thousand people attended this year’s festival and as an out of towner attending and vending for the first time, I was impressed.  The organizers ran a tight ship, the volunteers well trained and everyone I met had a pleasant and happy attitude. 

#SeattleHempfest began as a small festival of about 500 people, with this mission:

“To educate the public on the myriad applications of the cannabis plant, the laws about its use, efforts for reform, and conducting business in the new legal environment.”

At this festival, they accomplished all three.  As a first time participant, I can say that I really enjoyed the experience.  Listening to music, finding out about new products and the interaction that I had with customers was an extremely positive experience and one I will remember for a long time.  They even had the fireboat do it’s water display from one end of the fest to the other!

Thanks Seattle for providing this forum and making everyone feel safe and happy.




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