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So here we are in 2018, ready to begin again.  Our legal Medical Marijuana states are up to 29 (with West Virginia being the last to come on board), and we are looking at Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah, Missouri, and Kentucky to take the plunge into the legalization waters this year. 

As far as adult rec legalization; Vermont, New Jersey, Michigan, Delaware, Connecticut and Ohio are all trying pass this into law.

This makes me particularly happy as I am a resident of NJ and am tired of limited access to marijuana and all the new infused products that are available in today’s market.  I’ve tried, tinctures, oils, and creams, all with amazing results! Companies like whoopi and maya, Floria and Bliss make products to help backaches, migraines, eczema and menstrual cramps!  As Valentines day is just around the corner, I’ve been reading even more about strains and oils that can enhance ones sexual experiences. This is an experiment that I look forward to – legalization can’t come quickly enough!

So, this is what I’ve found out – if you’re looking to enhance your sexual experience the first thing to know:  if you are smoking Cannabis to “get in the mood”, most people have better results with a lower THC strain - about a 14% THC content rather than the normal 15-20% that produces a fun, rec high.  Yes, in this particular case, less really is more!  Several years ago, Karyn Wagner from Paradigm Medical Marjuana even created a strain called Sexxpot, a low THC strain made specifically for women to reach that big “O" and Leafly named 11 arousing strains that can get your Valentines Day off on the right foot. Some of these strains included; Asian Fantasy (S), Ultimate Train Wreck (S), Purple Princess (H), Sour Dream (H), Yumboldt (I), Chocolate Chunk (I), Green Crack (S), Hindu Skunk (I), Danky Doodle (I), Granddaddy Purple (I), and Atomic Northern Lights (H).  With so many new strains coming out I'm sure there are even more!

If you are looking to enhance in a different way, Cannabis topical oil infusions increase blood flow to genetalia and produce an increased response upon stimulation.  Lubricants from Bliss or Foria Pleasure relaxes your pelvic region and helps to increase the pleasure sensation.  I know many post menopausal women who have experienced pain during intercourse and/or extreme vaginal dryness.  Products like these are known to help with these symptoms immensely, enhancing sexual experiences.  

This is great news if you have easy access to these products. However, the bad news is, if you live in a non adult rec legal state you’ll have to wait or become a muggle smuggler (blog 4/12/17). 

Welcome, 2018 – let’s continue the quest for legalization.  There is so much that this helpful little plant can do.  Happy Consuming!


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