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Cannabis vaporizers have become quite famous in the market nowadays, especially due to its long-term health effects. The conventional way of smoking marijuana, albeit widely known across the world for ages, does harm health. Taking this into consideration, people are fast making a switch from cigarettes to vaping as a substitute. When it comes to vape, flower vapes are considerably better as compared to those of oil concentrates. This article suggests that heating essential oils at a temperature over 150 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit for vaping can be disastrous for the health. It can cause damage to the lungs, mouth, and nose simultaneously. Let us read further to find out what exactly is vaporizing and how it differs from smoking.

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About Vaporizing   

Vaporizing differs from smoking in the way that this process does not involve the burning of marijuana but involves heating it at a certain high temperature. The heat plays the role of activating the terpenes and cannabinoids in cannabis, which further turns to vapor that can be inhaled. This process does not include inhaling smoke as one would in the conventional process. This presents a clear picture as to how you can avoid contracting health problems by turning to the alternative of vaporizing. Read on to know more about the benefits of using cannabis vaporizer.

Benefits of Vaporizing over Smoking

Since smoking marijuana relies on the process of combustion, it involves the production of a lot of tar and other harmful by-products. Apart from these, read on to know why making a shift to vaping from smoking is going to pay off well.

Better flavor

While vaping, the subtle flavors of terpenes and the aromas of each strain come off more distinctly in comparison to smoking. This makes you get a better and much more natural flavor than when you smoke marijuana. The reason behind this is that smoking destroys the subtlety of the characteristics of marijuana. Hence, vaping becomes a better way of experiencing the enhanced flavors. 

Temperature Control

As almost all the vaporizers have adjustable heat settings, it is in your hands to adjust the temperature. Hence, it is up to your choice whether to keep the temperature low or high, depending upon your preference for the intensity of the experience you wish to have.  

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Less Odor

Vaping at low temperatures hardly produces any odor, which makes it better than smoking at being discreet. Thus, whenever a situation arises when you wish to feel euphoric, you can do so by vaping and still avoid people around from realizing it.

Therefore, it is the combustion of cannabis that is the culprit and not the cannabis itself. Smoking of cannabis harms the body as it produces the equivalent amount of cancer-causing agents as cigarette smoking does. Even when it might not directly lead to cancer, smoking marijuana causes minor injuries to the airway and lungs and increases the likelihood of bronchitis. To minimize the harmful effects of smoking marijuana, vaping does become a healthier alternative as per the findings of an article.  

The production of heat while vaping is enough to activate the cannabinoids, the element due to which the feeling of high arises. However, this process does not release the toxins alone, which happens while one smokes. Since the burning of the weed is not taking place during the process of vaping, the scope of the unhealthy by-products harming the body decreases significantly.

As a result, respiratory ailments like phlegm, coughing, and tightness in the neck are lesser in the case of vaping as compared to those in the case of smoking marijuana.  A Drug Researcher and Professor of Psychology at the State University of New York, Dr, Mitch Earlywine lays down the findings above in his study. 

According to The Highway Code, a guide that encourages safer use of the drugs suggests that not only is vaporizing healthier than smoking marijuana but also produces the THC one needs to feel euphoric. However, this happens without the ill-effects of smoking causing risks to the lungs. Thus, vaping helps achieve the best of both worlds.

According to a study, the conversion rate of THC into vapors in the case of vaporizers is 46%. However, smoking joint converts just about 25% into smoke. This implies that vaporizing not only gives you a high but also a cleaner high. In comparison to the vaporizer, the study also suggests that the combusted smoke out of marijuana contains over 10 chemicals that are carcinogenic toxins similar to that of the tobacco smoke.

To know more about vaping and gain insights about it, you can find a lot of information on Vape Canada.

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Cons of smoking marijuana 

Let us read further to discuss the cons of smoking marijuana in detail.


The Combustion of marijuana produces toxins like toluene, benzene, and naphthalene, along with other carcinogens. This makes it hazardous for cannabis smokers and the people nearby.

Limited Control 

The way vaping helps you control the experience, it is impossible to control the effects of smoking. The most you can do is roll a joint with lesser THC and intensity.

Less efficient

Those who vape experience a long run of euphoria, as the herb cooks slower and enables the extraction of all the THC available. On the other hand, a joint burns quicker, thereby allowing a lesser time of the experience.

Strong odor 

For those in public settings or in a formal environment, it is imperative to avoid smelling like someone who just had a smoke. Thus, vaping provides a good way to get the experience and the high, without the odor being strong for the people around to judge. Thus, smoking tends to be a little problematic when it comes to a formal environment.

Indistinctive flavor

For experiencing distinct flavors out of marijuana, vaping fares better than smoking marijuana. When one smokes, it becomes harder to differentiate between the flavors and aromas of different strains. 

Hence, which way of consuming marijuana is better out of vaping and smoking depends upon the purpose of the individual. If you are looking for a healthier alternative and a wholesome experience, vaping is a better option amongst the two. However, if you are looking for a cheaper way of experiencing high, smoking marijuana would be a better option, albeit its health hazards shall follow.  Since the advent of the internet, everything is available at your doorstep. You can also buy weed online, which allows you to hassle-free delivery and efficient services.

However, vaping is a method that will allow you to enjoy the experience of the consumption of marijuana with good intensity. Besides, it is not going to be hard on health at the same time. Thus, this calls for the exploration of this option as a method to switch to in the longer run.


By Jessica Smith

Jessica has been a guest author for several of our blogs.  We appreciate her insight and look forward to future articles!


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