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Stoner Baby Names - Is this a thing?

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Recently I came upon an article called “Baby Names For Weed Friendly Parents.”

Honestly, I didn’t know how to react.  First of all, is this a thing? Are people actually naming their children after weed?  I know that I don’t speak for everyone but, I feel like this is taking things a little too far.

I mean if you love Bob Marley and want to name your children after his, Ziggy and Cedella, that’s pretty cool or even your son or daughter Marley, that’s not too bad.  It’s a cool name, different but solid.

But this reminds me of the 60’s when we had the big hippy movement and names like Sunshine, Freedom, Blossom and Moon (as in Zappa) were flying around.  Do people not realize that although they are the ones experiencing this movement and have all this passion, their child has to grow up with the name!  Although some names are cool, like Dakota and Dylan parents must take these things into consideration.  This is not a pet you’re naming it’s your child, so names like Ganja, Sativa and Indica for girls and Kush for boys, in my opinion, should not even be entertained.  However, cool names like Meggie or Charlotte, Bud, Ace and Bale can all pass easily from infant to child to adulthood. These are names that a kid can live and grow with, and be proud of without wondering what strain their parents were on when they picked their names.

This is an exciting time and a lot of us are so passionate about legalization and getting loved ones the medicine they need, but keep it together man! We should all continue to fall in love and have families and name our children but remember, your children will live their own lives, not yours – so give them a good name to get them off on the right foot.  A trend is a trend, but trends pass and then you’re left with a closet full of fanny packs. Stay wise people and as always, happy consuming!


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  • Colleem: February 14, 2022

    Indica and Sativa are GREAT names 🙄

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