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The Best Ways to Maintain your Vape Battery

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People fond of vaping understand the struggle of vaporizer maintenance. Especially, taking care of its battery is important. Safeguarding what operates the device can facilitate a smooth experience. An unsafe battery or one that doesn’t last long can invite a lot of troubles. So, if you want your vape battery life to sustain for a longer period, keep reading to learn the best tips.


Storing your battery in an inappropriate place or not using it for a long duration can harm it. There are a few products which read, keep it away from the sun. The battery is one such substance that should be far from direct sunlight, combustible materials, or any heat. The sudden contact with harsh elements can affect battery life. Any extreme temperature, whether high or low, will push its limits and lower the potential.  


Do not Over-Drain and Keep It Full Charged When Not in Use

Some of us wish to switch to edibles at times for a break. Check this article out for marijuana recipes. So, when you take that break, fully charge your battery before keeping it in any space. Until you decide to use it, the battery will drain. If you skip that step, it would be hard for the battery to attain full charge later. The process puts more stress on the battery and lowers its life span.  

When you over-drain lithium-ion batteries, it loses its capacity. Some mods display a level signal. So, before they entirely drain out, take it out and charge immediately to extend life. To charge and unplug in the right level can preserve your battery for many uses.  

Keep it Clean

Your vape battery will get dirty after prolonged use. Since most of the devices come in discrete form, users carry them everywhere, which leaves it unprotected to environmental factors like dust, wind, rain, etc. Also, due to e-liquid spills, vaporizer batteries require cleaning.

Cleaning is not only for hygiene. When batteries are unclean, it loses its connectivity to the device. Both the threads on battery and charger should be clean. It takes only a few minutes to clean with the help of a Q-tip. Maintaining hygiene will extend the life of your vape battery.


Check the Battery Wraps

The wraps of your vaporizer battery should be in perfect condition. A scratch, nick, or rip on it signifies it’s time to re-wrap. You will find a local vape shop selling affordable battery wraps or visit website of an online authentic seller to buy one. To avoid any circumstance of battery explosion, checking these minor things can save you and your device. You can even choose to re-wrap when the stock wrap shows discoloration.


Use an Exclusive Charger for Your Vape Battery

Some devices allow charging the batteries to directly in your mod. But doing so might unevenly charge, overcharge, or overheat your batteries. It will lead to battery problems in the long run and can be a factor contributing to battery or mod explosion. To prolong battery life it is advisable to use a dedicated charger. These chargers will keep your battery secure and maintain its capacity effectively.


Use Battery Cases

Batteries are sources of power. We have the habit of throwing our stuff chaotically into our pockets and bags. Avoid this in case of vape batteries. Keep them clutter-free in a battery case that comes in plastic form. It will protect them from short circuits that can arise out of contact with metal objects. There are different sizes of portable cases perfect for your on-the-go vape accessory. Cases will also help avoid scratches.  


Replace or Recycle Old Batteries

Even batteries have a particular span of functioning. Your efforts are to maintain it up to a certain time, but you cannot forcefully continue using beyond a point. It will lose its strength over extensive usage. How to identify if it’s time to replace? When your battery discharge decreases, you need to replace it. The ideal shelf life of the battery is 6-12 months, depending on how to maintain it. Vape pens with batteries are also a good option and easy option to vape. Look for online options that offer affordable prices of vape pen on sale.

Now, recycling is the next part. Do not throw away your old batteries. Instead, recycle it to prevent risks of short circuit. If it comes in contact with flammable substances in the trash, there are chances of environmental exposure. Find disposal boxes and maintain safety while recycling.


Turn it off when not used 

If you are traveling with the device in your pocket, any friction can cause it to sputter. It will unnecessarily drain battery life and ruin the coil.

Another important aspect to remember is not to disable its safety features. There are fire button locks in your device to avert excess heating or explosion.



These are simple yet crucial factors to help keep your battery working for a long time. Pick your batteries according to the mod and read the specifications carefully. Whether you are a user, distributor, or retailer familiarize with the above methods to ensure safety. Visit to know more about the vaping accessories and products.  


Jessica Smith is a regular contributor to our blog page.  We love her insights and thank her for taking time to share them with us!



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