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The CannaRanch Experience

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A friend of mine and I decided that since we were going to be in Denver, that we’d take an extra couple of days to relax at a canna-ranch for our birthdays.  So off we headed to a cannaranch called Aspen Canyon Ranch.  Although it’s a beautiful ranch, it’s not in Aspen and it’s not a Canyon Ranch.  My expectation of a canna-ranch and what this one actually was – did not jive!  I was picturing a pretty main lodge with good food and some edible choices.  I was going to horseback ride and fly fish and it would be great. I was thinking spa, yoga class in the mountains, hikes and mediation.  Sounds great, right?  Does anyone know if that exists?


When we pulled up to this remote ranch it looked beautiful.  You could rent an ATV, get fly fishing lessons and even book a massage – so what was the problem?  I was picturing more of a rustic spa environment – this was well, rustic. 

The weather was just starting to get cold at night and the gas fireplace in the first room we were in didn’t work.  As it’s the only source of heat we had to move rooms.  Also, you had to create a balance of the heat from the gas fireplace and open window to be comfortable.  Sometimes the room was so hot, I just had to sleep!

Also, we are not a couple – just a couple of friends, so our choices were bunk beds unless we wanted to sleep together.

They did have someone on call for a massage and she was quite good. The problem was the massage was in my room.  Since I was sharing the room with a friend one of us had to leave and go to the main lodge while the other got the massage. Not the end of the world except there is no phone service or internet it was unclear as to when I should come back.  I got back before my friends’ massage was finished and wound up sitting outside freezing as I waited.  Not a good system.

We did get to horseback ride as well; it was stunningly beautiful and our guides were terrific.  But it was cold and rainy all afternoon so learning to fly-fish was out.  There were no edibles as promised and the food, which was fair, consisted mostly of cheese and bread (not at all like the pictures on the website) but the cook was sweet and tried to accommodate us the best he could! They had a rig set up for dabbing and it was smoker friendly, but only inside the main lodge after dinner.  You could smoke outside at anytime.  As previously mentioned, there was no phone service and spotty internet (only in the main lodge NOT in rooms) at best. With the weather being rainy most of the afternoon, we couldn’t even pull up a movie.  Also, it was my friends’ birthday and she was bummed that she was unable to receive or send messages.  She asked if they could make a birthday cake, they said yes, but it never happened.  However, we did meet some nice people and smoked some of their own home grown stuff which was fun.  But honestly, still not my cup of tea.  I think they also should have informed us that there was a bachelor party staying there, as it might have swayed our decision to not stay that weekend.  The staff was pleasant and even when we chose to leave a day early, they refunded our last night without hesitation, which was cool.


This is a pretty place if you want to hunt, fish, ride, and either rent or you own an ATV and completely disconnect. If you’re looking for something more like a “Canyon Ranch” where you might be a little more pampered and can horseback ride, have some edibles, a massage, a yoga class, a hike and good food, then do your research, ask a lot of questions and make sure that’s available upon booking, because not all of the websites have reliable information. 

When I got back everyone was asking how was the spa?  One more time, although it was a getaway, this was not a spa!  Here's the link for this ranch -

Although my friend and I can have fun anywhere we are, this canna-ranch just didn't deliver.  Research, ask for recommendations so you know what you are getting into before booking your Canna-experience!



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