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The Usage of Cannabis during Coronavirus

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These are pandemic times and cannabis patrons are wise enough to use cannabis properly to keep coronavirus from spreading.

Medical researchers have no cure for COVID-19, and it’s NOT TRUE that Cannabis kills coronavirus. Potheads are part of the solution to this menace, they will do their share by following the government’s guidelines to win the battle.

 If you’ve been hit by COVID-19 seek the help of a medical professional, they know what will work best to treat your condition.

Marijuana Etiquette to Prevent Coronavirus

Responsible potheads can still enjoy the wonders of cannabis, avoid getting contaminated with COVID-19, and stop the menace from spreading by practicing marijuana etiquette.

Sharing is common within the cannabis community you still can, but be sure you are not a patient. Light a stick, take three or more hits and pass it, then light another joint and hang to it. Hmmm… this will not avoid getting contaminated, try these etiquettes instead.

Never share, be stingy

Puff, puff, passing of bongs, joints, bowls, and vapes is not a good idea COVID-19 can be easily transmitted at the tips. Smoke only from personal belongings. Some people are asymptomatic, they look healthy, but they are actually sick.

It’s better to endure the side-eye stare from the group than be sick, give them a friendly bump they’ll understand.

If you run out of supplies, go to your local marijuana dispensary for fresh stocks.

Avoid crowds

During these pandemic times, contact with an afflicted person or surfaces with a virus can infect you. Maintain a distance of 1 meter (3 feet) between you and anyone. Don’t enter crowded places like bars, cafes, and shopping stores.

If you need to go to the grocery or market for supplies, do it when foot traffic is light either early morning or late at night.

Never shake hands, instead, give them your killer smile or a friendly wave.

RSVP to your invitations for events and gatherings that you can’t attend. You are not alone, others did too.

Your office might allow you to work from home, take advantage.

Keep clean

Scour down used vapes, bowls, and bongs with a 91 percent isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

Wash your hands

The hands are the part of the body that gets in contact with surfaces containing germs, bacteria. Often, wash your hands with soap and water for about 20 seconds to remove the microorganisms.

With clean hands, it is safe to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Wear the mask of Zorro

A face mask will keep you from catching the disease from sick people who cough and sneeze.

Avoid spit

Aside from the saliva, a spit contains sputum from the lungs that can spread COVID-19.

Is it Dangerous or Useful to Use Cannabis During Coronavirus?

It is unsafe and dangerous to use cannabis during coronavirus. There is no antidote for COVID-19, treatment is fixed at reducing the indicators such as pain relievers, cough syrup, rest, and fluid intake.

Vaping and smoking are popular ways of ingesting cannabis. But cannabis combustion irritates the lungs, affects the immune system, and infects the respiratory system; and COVID-19 causes a respiratory disorder. If stricken by coronavirus don’t self-medicate with using cannabis smoke for your remedy, it will only aggravate your condition.

Although cannabis has been successful in treating and reducing symptoms of some illnesses, no medical research has been conducted using cannabis as a cure for coronavirus cases.

Most of the measures that were applied were preventive in nature to stop the disease from spreading.

There are other ways of consuming cannabis to enjoy its therapeutic and recreational benefits. Consider edibles like gummies, cookies or use it as an ingredient in your tea or fruit drinks, mix it with your favorite greens, or blend it with your favorite dishes.

How to Use Marijuana if You have Coronavirus Symptoms?

If you are on cannabis medication and continue with the treatment, your doctor knows what is best for you. You are being treated for other ailments outside of COVID-19.

But, if you have coronavirus symptoms like fever, cough, and shortness of breath don’t apply self-treatment and use marijuana as your cure it will only worsen your condition. Seek medical help there are ways of treating the coronavirus infection.

Treatments using cannabis for medication are for certain ailments and COVID-19 is not one of them. There are no studies showing the effect of CBD and cannabis to COVID-19.


GUEST BLOGGER:  Bertha Garrett is deeply involved in the cannabis industry. She worked as a budtender for 2 years. Now she handles content at NACCC+. 

Thank you to David Garic for the blog cover picture.



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