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Top 5 Trending Cannabis Strains as Great Birthday Presents

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If you want to turn away from traditional birthday presents, you might want to get your favorite dude the best cannabis strains for his birthday.  In the following, a medical dispensary highlights some of the trendiest herbal strains that offer an enjoyable high and a host of medical benefits, including pain relief and mood improvement.

Trending Cannabis Strains As Great Birthday Presents

Cannabis growers are always on the lookout for the most satisfying strains to provide weed lovers with the pleasant experience they desire. That is why new strains are being cultivated and introduced from time to time. Here are the top five strains for birthday gifting that leave the competition up in smoke.

Sour Girl

The “2016 Norcal High Times” award recipient took over as the CRAFT juggernaut for its excellence. It is a hybrid of Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies, so it comes to no surprise that it has the same hefty density plus a gassy and complex aroma to hit your friend straight to his face with a bang but then mellow out to a balanced and relaxing high.

This strain is one of the best on the market for successfully combining two weed strains that deliver an “uplifting” (Girl Scout Cookies) and “mellowing out” (Sour Diesel) effect.

This sun-grown product is also Clean Green Certified and delivers a cerebral high and an intense smell, so stop by and pick up one from a nearby medical dispensary.

Word of caution: It is not for people with anxiety because it can make them jittery than how they might be especially those sensitive to THC.

Grease Monkey

Featuring the CBD-rich hybridization process, Grease Monkey, an earthy and sweet strain with skunk-like overtones, is a great hybrid of Cookies & Cream and Gorilla Glue #4. Users can anticipate that they will be glued to their seats and feel an immediate body buzz! It will also help soften chronic pain, stress and nausea.  Grease Monkey also offers deep relaxation that will send weed lovers to sleep, so they should mind their dosage.

[A bit about GG #4: It is made up of around 33% THC, which means the strain is even stronger than any other cross strain are.  The strain was designed by accident when a Chem Sis pollinated a Sour Dubb plant, resulting to an award-winner strain also cited as one of the most effective pain management remedies on the market].

Remo Chemo

The product is created out of the collaboration between Remo and Dinafem Seeds.  Remo Chemo, by its name you could tell, that that it’s made with cancer patients in mind.  It offers appetite improvement and pain relief for those undergoing chemotherapy.

Remo Chemo is an epic blend that wins the hearts of users for its excellent nausea relief, pain management and euphoric effects.  Many also noted on the uplifting, not heavy, effects.   

This blend can also leave anyone giggling and more talkative.  But don’t take it lightly, as it has high THC content and the Kush forward terpene profile notable for its peppery, gassy and earthy aromas.

Purple Punch

A combination of two indica-dominant classics, Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG, Purple Punch, which is a relaxing and sweet fusion, offers consumers with blueberry muffin, grape candy and tart Kool Aid flavors.

A head and body punch is what they will get, so they must be careful with the dosage. Beginners must start low before eventually increasing it to avoid any unpleasant effects.  This weed strain is best to use after dinner. A few effects include management of stress, pain and nausea. It can also aid for a better sleep.

Wedding Cake

This strain is a hybrid of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies, making it a delicious treat for its sweet peppery and earthy flavor.    Pink Cookies, another name of Wedding Cake, takes some dimensions and notes from Durban Poison and OG parentage and has high THC content of more than 25% according to some farms.

How Marijuana Marketing Aids in Consumer Awareness

With the booming medical marijuana industry, correct information leads to a better decision.  What does it for the public is medical marijuana dispensary marketing that promotes awareness and information dissemination to educate consumers about the different marijuana strains. It also helps them pick the right one based on their goals as to the effects and strength of a certain weed strain. 

And with the market saturated with plenty of cannabis products and services, medical dispensary marketing proves to be one of the most essential departments in the medical marijuana industry.

Start choosing the best weed strains from the above list of the trendiest cannabis strains as great birthday presents today!


Isabella Wilson is a marketing specialist at Essence Cannabis Dispensary with a primary focus on development and implementation of marketing ideas. Her main talking points are medical and recreational marijuana, marijuana marketing and advertising.


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