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Vaping Nicotine Guide: Which is the Best? 

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(Guest Post by Sarah Wiggins) As more and more research surfaces reiterating the danger of traditional smoking habits, its cleaner variations come forth. We have always been aware of the harm that can come with smoking so many chemicals, but it is a social, enjoyable and stress-relieving activity. Vaping has provided a healthier, cleaner option to those who enjoy smoking, want to wean off nicotine and even be friendlier to the environment. 

The industry of vaping and relevance of vape stores has grown exponentially in the last few years or so. Its overall value numbers in the billions and is predicted to progress even further. Since vaping is safer than cigarettes, it has been the perfect substitute in comparison to something considered fairly nasty. Vaping also includes the benefit of accessibility, flavor variation and even customization to meet your specific needs. It’s the flexible futuristic option. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Vaping has begun to overtake the classic smoking industry. If you’re one of the many people struggling to quit a nicotine habit, or just looking for a safer alternative to the recreational habit, vaping may be a considerable choice. There are so many questions pervading the practice though. Finding answers to these questions can make it easier to decide what’s best for your needs.  

How Do These Devices Work? 

A vape, e-cigarette or electronic cigarette is an electronic, handheld device that heats a liquid in order to create an aerosol. The heat is generated by a heating coil element. There are many different modifications or “mods” that can be achieved with a little tinkering. Since many people are used to just falling in line with a ritual, vaping provides more flexibility to meet specific needs. You can modify the heat, the flavors, wattage and more. 

If It Still Has Nicotine, Is It Safe? 

There are many risks involved with smoking on any front. But as more research surfaces about vaping as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, we get more of an insight to which is safer. Most of the reasons why conventional cigarettes are dangerous and pose a significant health risk are the chemicals released during combustion or burning of the product. With cigarettes, the user can expect inflamed pathways and oxidative stress, as well as the effect of over 4000 different toxic ingredients. 

Vaping avoids the release of these chemicals due to ingredient difference and the absence of traditional combustion. Even without this chemical danger, many have noted that nicotine itself may pose a cardiovascular risk. However, many studies present the opposite. In a study of over 30,000 participants, the use of nicotine did not promote heart disease, platelet aggregation, bad coronary circulation or even remotely affect lipid profiles. It seems that nicotine does not have life-threatening effects or increase the risk for cardiovascular disease, even in patients with present disease. It is plausible to conclude that vapes provide a significantly smaller risk than cigarettes. 

What Is “Juice” or E-Liquids? 

The liquids used during vaping are known as vegetable or propylene glycol, called VG and PG respectively. Both are safe for consumption. PG is known to have a strong, “throat hit” with less smoke. VG is known to produce a very visible smoke and be sweeter in taste. Many people choose VG liquid because PG has been reported to cause throat irritation. Some juice blends present a mixture of the two to get the best of both. 

The variety of liquids sold at each vape store varies intensely – refer to Vaping Cheap for a list of the best stores. There are many companies out there that brew incredible flavors like cinnamon roll, pear, and honey. There are traditional flavors like strawberry cream, chocolate lava and many others available as well. It’s nearly an endless spectrum of available flavors. Further, nicotine quantity varies widely. It is even possible to get nicotine-free vape. 

The Verdict

Vaping has provided an alternative to regular cigarettes. Many people have begun to make the switch or have picked it up as an interesting past time. Although the long-term health effects have not been fully researched since the technology is new and vapes require a charge in order to work, they have proven to be a lesser evil in the realm of recreational smoking. Vaping is a considerably cost effective variation and provides so many aspects of modification for the user. It is easy to see why vaping has maintained popularity and continued to grow in the past few years. In the future, you may expect to see more of a focus on vape technology as more research surfaces. 



Sarah Wiggins is an avid vaper and contributor at She strives to help current vapers save money and to help smokers make the switch to vaping.


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