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What are the best strains?

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I hear someone ask this every time I go into a dispensary. This is not as straight forward a question as one would think.

When last we chatted, I provided tips on visiting dispensaries. So now that you’re a seasoned, dispensary going veteran, how to choose?   How will you know what the right or best strain is for you?

Think about this: Charlottes Web is listed as one of the best medical strains out there, because it worked miracles for a little girl named Charlotte who had Dravet Syndrome. This strain took her from over a hundred seizures a week to just 1 or 2 a week. Just contemplate that for a moment. So what will the strain you try do for you? With the number of strains out there, this can be overwhelming for “rec” users to sort out.

Whereas before, you were lucky if the person you bought weed from happened to have some strain you never heard of from FL or CA touting it’s THC properties, we now walk into a dispensary and are greeted with a plethora of strains that have the potential to be a lot of fun. We are The Kid in the candy store. We can dictate our high! So do we leave this huge responsibility of what to put into our bodies to a Bud Tender? I am not discounting Bud Tenders – in fact, I have found most to be helpful and knowledgeable about their products, but unless you have a clear map for them, they have limited information to guide you on what the best strain(s) and products are for you.

So where does this leave us? As my old friend Rick used to tell me about many things in life, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”  Several years ago when I was first introduced to new strains, I was also introduced to Plant Life. Plant Life is a free app, that is a simple, easy program that I fill out as often as I can remember (after I’ve had a new strain)!

It’s super easy to do. Just don’t wait too long to enter the info or you’ll never remember the effects! I can list the name of the strain, and all the effects it had on me. Then the next time I go to a dispensary, I can pull up, Girl Scout Cookies, on my phone and see that I rated it as a “fav” and the effects that I liked were that it was a smooth smoke that made me giggly, chatty, energetic and happy. Where as Super Lemon Haze made me twitchy, gave me a headache and I became anxious – clearly not for me. It’s a process, but a very worthwhile one because I have a log of information from which to draw. Now, a good Bud Tender should have a better path for recommendations.

There are many apps for Cannabis today. My recommendation is to look through them and choose the one that suits you. So what is the best strain? It’s the one that gives you the benefits who seek. In this ever changing and growing industry, we must educate ourselves, and as with anything that you are putting into your body, understand your own individual body chemistry and be your own advocate.


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