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Where Can I Smoke My Weed?

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I’ve been listening to a new Podcast, well it’s new for me, called the Tim Ferris Show.  Tim has some extraordinary guests, who are smart successful and have some interesting advice.  While I was listening yesterday, one such guest said the following, “If someone says - that doesn’t make sense - there is opportunity there.”

Interesting, those were the first words out of my mouth two years ago when I went to Denver and bought weed legally for the first time.  Elated with my purchase I quickly realized that there was nowhere for me to smoke it, and I thought, “Well that doesn’t make sense.”  Ding, Ding, Ding!!! Did you here that?  Opportunity. I couldn't smoke it in the street, or the park or my hotel room, where was I going to smoke it if I don’t live here?  

Recently, I’ve been reading so many articles about this very problem and how the now rec states are going to handle it.  Colorado and Vegas have been exploring smoking lounges.  Wow, well that makes sense.  My hunch is that it will be a little easier for Colorado than Las Vegas. You see in Vegas, gambling is under government watch with the gaming commission.  Gambling is legal under federal law, so you can gamble in the casinos but unless marijuana is legalized on the federal level, you can not smoke pot on casino property or they could risk losing their licenses and thus risk losing billions of dollars a year.  Many hotels have casinos so you can’t smoke in there either.  So what’s Vegas to do? They too are looking to open independent smoking lounges that are not connected to the casinos to keep their tourists happy.

As more States come on board, they will all be faced with this problem - where are we going to allow people to smoke this now legal substance?  We go to bars to consume alcohol so wouldn't it make sense to have some kind of "bar" for marijuana consumption.

My prediction is that within a few years we are going to see a similar model to Amsterdam coffee houses.  Places where you can buy and smoke or grab an edible that’s not out on the street. Someplace with a universal sign letting you know that this is "weed friendly."  In San Fran, I visited Zeitgeist.  You are carded at the door for a medical card and if you have one, you can go out back to their picnic area and smoke.  It's super social, they serve food and it's a cool hang out. This model, as the Amsterdam model seems to work out pretty well.  It really is sort of a pot bar!   In the meantime,  I suggest that you go buy one of my favorite smoking options - The SmokeBuddy, (  and be discreet!



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