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Where's Your Weed?

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When my niece was getting married my mother asked her, “So what’s your pot situation.” She was so shocked she couldn’t answer. Only to realize my mother was actually asking her about cooking pots as a wedding gift. Later she called me and we were both hysterical laughing. But it begs the question? What IS your pot situation?

Where are you keeping your pot?

When I think back at how I’ve kept my pot over the years I have to laugh. When I was a kid I put it in a baggie and then put that in another baggie and then wrapped it in tissue and then put it in some kind of container. The tissue was so that if someone were to open the container they would just see a tissue and who would undo what looked like a used tissue!

As I got a little older I progressed to more sophisticated containers. I remember bringing my weed in a band-aid box on my honeymoon. I thought this was brilliant! This was back in the days when airport security was substantially less than stellar. I rolled a couple of joints, which fit perfectly (height-wise) in the band-aid box and there was still room for my extra herb (smashed in a baggie) and papers. Unfortunately, it was not airtight and it dried out my herb, not to mention it still reeked!

Then I had kids and my weed smoking stopped for a while. As they grew older, I knew that if I was going to smoke even on occasion I had better get clever about hiding it. I was so clever hiding it, sometimes I could not find it! You know when you’re a mom you’ve got a lot on your mind. So I would hide it somewhere in my bedroom and then have to tear my room apart whenever I found an opportunity to smoke. It could be months between smokes and by the time I would find it my weed would be dry and old. This was not a good solution. I began buying only what I knew I would smoke right away, this way I could smoke it all and I wouldn’t have to hide it! This worked for a while but then my kids went to sleep away camp and I was back to square one, buying a little more pot and wondering the best place to keep it.  

Does any of this sound familiar? This has been the evolution of the Marijuana woman! What we all had to do so that no one found us out. Who knew that this would become my research for Erbanna bags.  Clearly, I needed something better. I needed something to store my weed without giving it away because of odor. Maybe even a small airtight container that could hold a bud without crushing it. A cute case, so that if I was home [or out] it didn’t give me away. I could put it on a shelf or my nightstand and no one would be the wiser.  With the push for legalization I was sure I would find something, but alas there was nothing. And so Erbanna was born. Even though my kids are now grown-ups that accept my usage, it still doesn’t mean that I want to announce that I smoke because I reek and guess what?   I found out other women feel the same way.  So what's your pot situation? 

I’d love to hear stories about how you’ve kept your pot. Let me know at - so I can blog about the best!


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