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Why Your Vape Tastes So Bad And How To Fix It?

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Vaping trend is catching pace across the world, and it can be a fun and exciting experience with the right flavors and devices.  The vibrant flavors of various e juices make the vaping trip enjoyable.

However, sometimes the flavors start to taste weird. It has happened almost with every vaper at some point in time, be it a beginner or a seasoned vaper. The juice may start to feel abnormal, or it could give a burning feeling in the throat. It could take the fun out of the experience, leaving you to wonder what went wrong.


Here are some possible reasons why your vape juice might taste poorly and how you can fix this to enjoy your vaping journey.


It Could Be Your Coil

One of the most common reasons for a bad or burnt taste in vape pens is the use of an old coil head. Charred coil heads tend to ruin the flavor of e-liquid and give a bad experience. While the first and second refills provide extraordinary flavors, the taste may begin to deteriorate thereon. 

The first step would be to remove the coil head and do a deep clean. It can fix the problem in most cases. If the coil is beyond repair, replace it. Remember to open the tank and prime the new coil before you set it up. It stops the coil from being dry and burning out too soon.


A common problem with the cotton wick in a new device or after a coil replacement is that it gives a cottony flavor to the e-juice. It could also be the reason for an odd taste. There is no solution as such for this problem as the taste tends to go away with use. You can look for better quality alternatives for future replacements to avoid this problem.


It Could Be A Case Of Vapers Tongue

As a vaping enthusiast, you will have a list of favorite flavors. Based on the frequency of usage and the strength of the liquid, you might reach a point when your taste buds are bombarded with the same flavors all day. It could cause your tongue to lose sensitivity to the richness of your e-liquid.

It is popularly known as Vapers Tongue when vapers can barely taste any flavor. It is visible when you start to lose the intricate experience of vaping your favorite flavors and hardly enjoy it anymore.

A simple fix would be to switch between flavors. You can explore innokin vape that will give you a delightful and joyful vaping experience within budget. Try to choose subtle and straightforward flavors or unflavored e-liquids that help to cleanse your palate. 


If you are using nicotine e-liquids, then look for choices lower in nicotine concentration. It is prevalent among vapers to rejoice the bold flavors of e-liquids. But this could tire your taste buds with time, and giving them a break can help renew your vaping experience.


It Could Be Due To Over-heating

Devices that have adjustable wattage settings are a boon. They help to tailor the heat settings to achieve the volume and warmth of your liking. But these devices can also give rise to bad taste in some cases.

It might be because you are using very high wattage settings. High wattage settings mean that your coil is vaporizing at a higher rate, while the wick which needs to replenish the e-liquid from the tank may not be able to catch up with this speed. It causes the wick to burn as it becomes dry, giving rise to a burnt taste, irritation, or awful flavors.


If you are a novice user, try vaping devices with minimal adjustable settings for a smooth experience. In case of flexible designs, try to lower the heat while vaping. Make sure to check and replace the burnt wick and vape in low heat settings to solve the problem.

Another problem could be that you are using a low output device that may not deliver the innate flavor offering you expect from your e-juice. Smaller devices are easy to carry, but they can also compromise on the output.

They might work well with variable nicotine concentration but may not have the capability to produce enough clouds to reflect the flavors of the e-liquid. In this case, the best solution would be to explore high output devices that can give flavor-rich output with good taste. 


It Could Be The Vape Juice

If you are experiencing a hint of alcohol in the vapor that ruins the flavor, the problem could be with the vape juice. Based on the alcohol level used for extracting the flavors, there is a possibility that you might get a slight taste of the substance. Make sure to swish the juice in the bottle before you load into the device to avoid this problem.

A stale or spoilt taste could be because the vape juice went bad from exposure to direct heat. It might happen if you leave the e-juice in a closed environment with too much heat or sunlight, like in your car. You might have to go for a deep clean of your device and buy a new bottle of e-juice in this case.


The quality of vape juice also matters. Some e-juices with high vegetable glycerine or sugar tend to gunk up, making it difficult for the coil to absorb efficiently. It can significantly affect the taste of the vapors and ruin the life of your coil and wick. Hence, avoid using e-juices with heavy VG concentration and sugar for a better taste.

Sometimes the problem causing bad taste could be as simple as running low on e-juice. Waiting till the tank hits the last drop could deteriorate the experience. It could cause dry hits and burn the wick and coil too. Refill the tank when the e-juice falls below the input holes of your coil for a pleasant experience. These simple solutions will help you recover your vape flavors and relish them anywhere and at any time.


By Jessica Smith

Once again, Erbanna would like to thank Jessica for another informative, fantastic up-to-date article!


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