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Why Strawberry Cough Works Well for Social Anxiety

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Are you having problems with social anxiety? Do you want to have fun at a party, but you can’t seem to be at your best around people?

Whether you are sweating in a business meeting or having problems talking to the opposite sex, social anxiety can be tricky. People have been looking for different solutions to this problem, and cannabis seems to be an effective treatment. In this article, we are focusing on the particular strawberry cough marijuana strain and explaining why it works well for social anxiety.

What Is Anxiety?



The scientists define anxiety as an unpleasant emotion. The users that experienced this emotion describe it as an inner turmoil followed by nervousness. The cognitive symptoms include worry and concern, but many people also have physical symptoms, such as butterflies in the stomach.

It is important to understand that anxiety is an emotion that we can all feel in certain situations. Humans tend to feel anxiety before events that matter to them, such as a job interview or a public speech. However, this is not an emotion that you should feel regularly.

Those that are having regular anxiety attacks may have an anxiety disorder. The disorder may be general or related to a particular area. You may exhibit test anxiety before an exam, or stranger anxiety when you are around people you do not know. The latter is a form of social anxiety, which is one of the most common anxiety types people deal with in the 21st century.       

Is Cannabis Effective for Social Anxiety?

Whether you researched the topic, or you have a friend using cannabis in medical or recreational purposes, you probably know that this plant can have many health benefits. The list is extensive, but we want to focus on treating anxiety.

You can find reports claiming that many users resort to consuming marijuana to deal with anxiety. We are talking about people who have been prescribed benzodiazepines to manage social anxiety when visiting a meeting or another public event. Many of those patients claim that cannabis was more effective in treating their anxiety than the medications they received.

However, it is vital that you obtain a suitable strain of cannabis, such as shatter or another powerful concentrate. Picking the right strain can help to tackle social anxiety efficiently and eliminate it before your next public appearance.

Why Is Strawberry Cough a Good Choice for Social Anxiety?



Although cannabis has multiple potential benefits, such as providing pain relief, particular strains can be more effective for specific goals. Strawberry cough is among the strains that focus on cerebral or cognitive benefits. That means they tend to provide euphoric and uplifting effect, which can help you to clear your mind and enhance focus.

It is interesting to note that strawberry cough is a mild strain, which means it isn’t a THC rich. That is what makes it a great choice even for newbies, and those who do not have a high tolerance when it comes to marijuana. The THC content in the buds is around 15-20% on average.

Additionally, you may feel a physical relaxation, but that can also be beneficial for your social anxiety issues. If you combine all these effects, it is clear why many recommend strawberry cough before a public event or performance. You will feel better, and the positive mood will get you ready for any social challenge ahead of you.

What Is the Origin of Strawberry Cough?

The most intriguing question when it comes to the origin of this strain is its strawberry aroma. The story goes like this – Kyle Kushman is a world-famous grower who received this strain’s clone from somewhere. The breeder who gave him the clone claimed that he grew the plant in a field full of strawberries. That is what secured this strain its characteristic strawberry scent.

From a scientific point of view, it’s not impossible that the soil played a role in giving the scent to this strain. Either way, it made it unique, and the benefits promoted strawberry cough into one of the most popular strains these days.

If you are wondering about the flavor, it is vital to note that it is fairly mild and its distinctive taste has made it available mostly in one of the best dispensaries that you can look for. Those that do not appreciate strawberry might not like the aroma at first. Some may consider the flavor too strong, but you should get used to it quickly. If you are a fan of the fruit, you may like it immediately – it largely depends on personal preference. Please note you may cough for a bit after consuming this strain, but as the name suggests, that is perfectly normal.

How to Grow Strawberry Cough


We have great news for those interested in growing this strain. Strawberry cough is one of the least demanding cannabis types out there. As long as you are willing to provide it an outdoor environment and minimal care, you will reap the amazing results in no time.

Once you obtain marijuana seeds, you need to ensure you plant them in an area where partial sunlight is available. The space between the two plants should be at least six feet because they tend to grow tall. You can try to grow the strain in the pot, too, but make sure to rotate it regularly in that case.

The optimal temperature should be from 21C to 30C, and moderate wind shouldn’t damage the plant. If anything, it will only strengthen it.

The Bottom Line

Strawberry cough is a very potent marijuana strain, but mild enough to be suitable for those only entering the world of cannabis. It can work well for social and other forms of anxiety because it provides physical relaxation while ensuring to deliver an energetic and uplifting effect.

You should figure out the optimal dosage quickly, but the veterans suggest consuming it before a social event that makes you nervous. It might not be the smartest to use it in the evening as its energizing effect may keep you from sleeping. Overall, there are no dangerous side effects, and the benefits in dealing with social anxiety make strawberry cough a great choice for all fans of marijuana out there.


By Jessica Smith


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