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Ann Shuch, Founder/CEO

Ann Shuch is an advocate, inventor and an entrepreneur. A graduate of Parsons School of Design, aesthetics has always been extremely important to her as she strives to make life’s varied experiences beautiful ones. Enjoying life’s journey every day, Ann prides herself on being able to balance her efficiency with her go-with-the-flow attitude and adventurous spirit. This combination of freedom and organization primed her to develop her line of Erbanna Carry Bags and Cases. Realizing that women were not being recognized as a significant part  consumer base, Ann saw an opportunity in the market. She applied her years of experience in design and retail supply chain and researched how women consume flower recreationally and medically, as well as adjusting for the regional variations. She then designed a very successful line of fashion accessory products that aim at bringing women into the new cannabis age on their own terms. Ann does not want women to concede to the limited options most often associated with cannabis use, but rather to reassure and allow them to maintain and expand their personal style and always feel great about their personal choices.

“I love these products, and use them all! My carry cases bring a sophisticated, yet still spirited design to the new age of this industry by recognizing women with a beautiful, practical, feel good product that they’ve been waiting for.”

-Ann Shuch, Founder/CEO, Erbanna

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