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We’ve been the ones who showed up to a party reeking of pot because our vape pens have leaked all over the inside of our bags.  Not a sexy entrance, quick put her in the game room with the other stoners. Or the many times we tried to leave the house but couldn’t find that damn lighter that we just used 30 minutes ago and don’t want to buy yet another one. Thinking of buying stock in BIC, are they public?

Back in the day smoking a joint on the street was so beyond taboo that back alleys were the only way to go, but today there is a new face to cannabis and we are defining a culture that’s emerging.  We are scientists, visionaries, evangelists and dreamers, we will not carry our flower in plastic baggies or tinfoil balls. We are toking on rose gold vape pens and our flower is grown with crystals and positive intentions.  

 We are discreet yet we are bold.

 Having gone through all the stigma, we really wanted to create a solution that would not only help us “come out green” but also allow us to be discreet and stylish.  Imagine walking down the street and seeing someone with an Erbanna bag, you know, they know, but those who don’t know, don’t know.  We created a product that epitomizes community with statement pieces that say - we are the disrupters, we will only lead, we will never follow.

 We want our customers to feel good from the minute they take that pleasurable pull to putting it back in Erbanna.  Odorless, cost effective, quality, and stylish it’s the best feel-good bag you will ever own!

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